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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My new "'do"!

Hmmm... maybe it isn't enough of a change:

Just kidding! Turns out: my stylist went into early labor. So I had to reschedule with someone else. OVER A MONTH from now. *sigh* it's not right to complain though, babies do what they will....

So I'm stuck with the ponytails and buns for awhile longer. Hot and hectic were the keywords for today. I'm messy and sweaty, but here's my outfit:

I'm still using crutches and cross-body bags, but I wanted something on the neckline:

And I went "matchy" with earrings... but they're sooo pretty:

I hate wearing a jacket while broiling, but at least the courtrooms usually have A/C. I can't wait until I get my arms back in shape (ok... I know they're *A* shape. Just not the one I want) so this actually looks good:

But at least I have my pretty barette to keep this frizzy rat's nest up:

Top: via Goodwill
Jacket: via Dunkleberger's in Stroudsburg, PA
Pants: Lane Bryant
Jewelry: Lia Sophia
Barette: gift


  1. Your hair is so pretty and healthy, LD. The jewelry (opals?) is gorgeous too.

  2. What a lovely shade of purple on you. Goes well with your chestnut mane!

  3. Purple is a great colour on you, 'Doll! I love the neckline on that top, and the jacket is a sweet cut.

    Who cares if your abalone jewelry all matches? Matching rules!

  4. I love purple. You look very good in it, Love the jewelry too!

  5. Your hair is gorgeous and healthy! But I can empathize -- In this oppressive heat I've been wearing my hair up most of the time.