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FYI: I was doing this entire blog from my Android phone, snatching moments out of my busy life for quick photos. But I hate auto-correct with a purple passion, so now I'm using the computer for most of the work. I am still using my phone for the photos, though. My photo sizes may be erratic, and the quality isn't stellar. I am not a professional blogger, and do not have time for lots of scenic poses with a great camera. I don't even own a great camera! However, I DO appreciate your continued feedback, even in the absence of photographic artistry.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

"Fat Clothes"

Since I've been home from dealing with my mother's illness and hospitalizations, I've gotten very serious about shedding some of these extra pounds. I actually gained a bunch of weight while I was in the Mitten for a month-- I guess thirty days of daily gluten-free pizza, accompanied by daily pint(s) of ice cream will do that to a girl!

But Mom's health problems, along with my Mother-in-Law's, are (at a minimum) exacerbated by their obesity. My Mom has lost a lot of weight, but the damage is done. Hubby has been very concerned about my future health, and has been urging me to get serious about weight loss. And unlike *some* (ex-) boyfriends, I am absolutely certain that Hubby truly means that his concern is about my health-- and it's not about appearance. He's just that kind of guy, which is part of why I married him and not one of those other guys!

So far, so good! I got home late on Sept 30., and on November 1 calculated that I lost just over twelve pounds. Yay me! Although I suspect that my weight loss for November isn't so impressive, particularly as I've gone off the low-carb wagon for the last week while at my M-I-L's....

So I edited out my "too big" clothes... which always feels better than editing out my "too small" ones. And I thought it would be fun to post my old blog photos of clothes that *hopefully* won't see the light of day again!


My brown nubby pants are finally too big!

 photo IMG_20100921_135001_edit0.jpg

Hubby thinks this jacket still fits, but it just seems a bit big now to me. Plus, it's really not in season:

 photo 2012-11-29_22-00-48_536_edit0.jpg

It's funny, I bought three of these shirts--same size-- at the same time. But this one had to be tailored differently than the other two. And it's too big while the other two will still work for the time being:

 photo IMG_20101005_095931_edit0.jpg

Sending my "Mom Jeans" to the storage box-- they are way too big now:

 photo 4c2c0f24.jpg

I'm being very strict about what I will keep in the "too big" bin. Only garments that are still in decent condition, fit well when I am that size (I'm getting rid of my "too short" pants), nothing likely to be quickly outdated (not much of a problem for me, I tend to go pretty "classic"), will make it into this box. Things that if, Heaven forbid, I regain weight... I will not be embarrassed to wear.

Because even if I'm fat-- and it's OK to use the word "fat" when it's true-- it's no excuse for dressing in ill-fitting or shabby garments like I have been for the last couple of years... coinciding with onslaught of Hubby's and Mom's medical problems.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Shopping Jedi

NOTE: I made a couple of edits, for typos. Then Blogger changed the date of this post, just to confuse everyone. This is actually from last week. Argh!

I got another morning call from Squeaky the next day, for more shopping. She's redecorating,  and I'm having fun spending HER husband's money!

So I grabbed the tight jeans because I could find them,  took a quickie shower,  and combed my hair straight with cheap mousse this time:

 photo PSX_20141122_220507_zpsgyotyvov.jpg

Yep... wore my "shopping marathon shoes" again. But I did jazz up the ensemble with this treasure:

 photo PSX_20141122_221530_zpsydwauwkl.jpg

I just adore these earrings... but the matching necklace would have been a bit "too much":

 photo PSX_20141122_221510_zpswywtszda.jpg

I tried out my idea of wearing forties under my compression socks... love it! I get the softer material touching my toes,  and a bit of warmth as well.  Except there is a bit of cutting in around the ankle.

 photo PSX_20141122_221421_zpsrx2mokl9.jpg

Perhaps I will try the socks that come up a little more next time.

Turtleneck: Van Heusen
Long Sweater: Just My Size via Baby Sis' friend's purge pile
Belt: I forgot. Bought it in Queens... oh yeah! Boscov's
Jeans: Lane Bryant
Shoes: Saucony
Earrings: via Freeda's purge pile. I think they're from Coldwater Creek

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bye, Bye, Bye!

I thought it would be fun to review some of the items that didn't survive "The Purge of November 2014":


Bye-bye, buttflaps! I hate the way they stick out on my already ginormous bottom, and these pants are just are too short-- even in flats. I actually wore them to court recently, then started kicking myself when I got home. But I hadn't had my new court clothes tailored yet. No excuse- I had other things I could have worn!

 photo IMG_20100910_134330_edit0.jpg

I've never been crazy about brown, though as much as I've worn it-- one could reasonably infer otherwise. I have a ton of brown shoes purchased for brown pants over the years... I wonder how long I can avoid brown pants? As of this purge, I have no brown or mostly-brown pants or jackets in my closet. But there might be some in the storage bins. Time (and weight loss) will tell.

While I won't miss the brown butt-flap pants, I'm going to miss my wardrobe staple-- it was just too shabby to keep around any more. Although it was tough to part with. At least my red version of this is still OK.

 photo IMG_20100922_153115_edit0.jpg

While I love the concept of a big, cozy sweater... the execution leaves much to be desired. At least on me, because I need more bulk added to my cartoonishly round hips! Given to my Bestie:

 photo 2011-11-18_12-57-15_507-1_edit0.jpg

I liked this sweater, and it was a freebie hand-me-down from Freeda. But it was just getting too faded to deal with... it's Old Navy, so not a top-quality fabric. Although I was impressed that the design actually matched up at the button placket:

 photo 2012-01-09_21-01-45_166-1_edit0.jpg

This tank was always a bit too sheer for my comfort:

 photo IMG_20110729_181304_edit0.jpg

I'm keeping the button-down, just got rid of the top underneath. The boat neck never lies flat, and it's just annoying:

 photo IMG_20101220_211353_edit0.jpg

I really loved this combination, but the sweater just kept coming up short. Short-waisted and short-sleeved. But it is such a great color/accessory combination! I will be merciless in this purge, and keep an eye out for a better-fitting hot pink sweater to try the idea in the future:

 photo 2011-12-01_16-10-03_129-1_edit0.jpg

Delightfully warm, but just too big and not worth altering:

 photo IMG_20101228_100820_edit0.jpg

I tried having this altered, but it was still a hot mess:

 photo IMG_20101117_090628_edit0.jpg


This Chico's sweater, along with it's black counterpart, started to unravel around the neck. They weren't special enough to try to mend, and the sleeves were a touch too short anyway:

 photo IMG_20110125_153054_edit0.jpg

See how I'm trying to hide that the waist was too short as well? It would be hilarious, if I hadn't worn that to work!

I know I should go through another round of purges at some point... although I'm hoping I was thorough this time. Oh well... I will probably have to do it when I go down a size or two.

I will have to post about the things I'm having a hard time purging. I could use your input!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Is "The Force" With Me?

Yesterday, I had to drive Hubby for some court appearances. I wanted to look good, since people I know from my old job would likely see me. I did take the time to blow-dry my hair... but I was too lazy to dig my trouser jeans out of the clean laundry basket and iron them. So I went for a butt-covering sweater and wore my jeans from Thursday instead:

 photo PSX_20141121_231001_zpsnbunwhki.jpg

I adore this belt, and was glad for the chance to wear it:

 photo PSX_20141121_231132_zpsq6mm6fjb.jpg

My outfit today is reminding me of something... giving me a fun feeling... what could it be?

 photo Screenshot_2014-11-22-00-16-11_zpsvdnxqhop.png

Thats it... My outfit is reminding me slightly of a Jedi costume. Cool! Speaking of Jedi-- check this great parody video:

I'm such a fangirl... the lyrics are from my mind to this guy's lips!

I wanted to wear coordinating jewelry with my Jedi-esqe outfit, but nothing that would overshadow my "lovebirds". So I picked some subtle studs:

 photo PSX_20141121_232421_zpsh4bzze2u.jpg

Because they work well with this necklace:

 photo PSX_20141121_231223_zpsnuuvbu8n.jpg

However, there were still a few issues with the outfit. Mostly because I wore the jeans that I determined were too tight as I wrote the last post. And because the sweater would ride up if I forgot to tug it down after sitting:

 photo PSX_20141121_231044_zpshteijldt.jpg

The sweater covers the worst of the back of these jeans, but not quite enough to save them from the "too small" bag:

 photo PSX_20141121_231102_zpskuhoktsd.jpg

I decided to wear a pair of my winter boots, rather than shoes. Mostly because I wasn't sure what to expect from the weather. It turns out that they weren't necessary, and my feet were sweating like crazy while I was waiting for Hubby's court appearance to be over:

 photo PSX_20141121_101820_zps9vbdo2ry.jpg

This is with trouser socks over the compression socks... my feet were boiling, perhaps I should have left the trouser socks off.

It is a little amusing that I can't seem to find any boots that will lace up without weird gaps around the tongue. Life without ankles... *sigh* On the plus side, I was asked if I lost weight!

Top: VanHeusen turtleneck "altered" by me.
Sweater: Croft & Barrow via Baby's Sis' friend's purge pile. Yep, I'm getting hand-me-downs from           perfect strangers... sweet!
Jeans: Lane Bryant
Boots: Bass
Earrings: Cost Plus World Market
Necklace: Wal-Mart
Belt: via Freeda's purge pile

Friday, November 21, 2014

Aging Is Cruel... But It's Better Than the Alternative!

Yesterday was a pretty busy Thursday for me-- I didn't even have time to dig up an old photo for "Throwback Thursday" on Facebook! Squeaky woke me up with a phone call... we had planned to go to a town about an hour away from me to help her shop at this fantastic dent/scratch/discontinued furniture store. We planned it for Monday, but I woke up with a hideous cold then cancelled. By Thursday, I felt human again. Let's go!

I just had a haircut the day before, so I thought it was a good time to test out "scrunched with mousse and wax, air dry". I was feeling pretty good in the store:

 photo PSX_20141120_230827_zpsrog0vhr9.jpg

Well, I'm still showing a few unflattering lumps and bumps, but I'm making progress... right?

At least Squeaky made out like a bandit... she bought a sofa, loveseat, and chaise. And a bunch of throw cushions were tossed (Dad pun alert!!!) into the deal. I believe the grand total was less than a thousand bucks!

Lately I'd been... I almost want to use the word craving... teal clothing. I have always loved the color, and it seems to be big this season. The sweater wasn't the best "teal"of the ones I tried on, but it was the best-fitting.

These earrings set it off beautifully:

 photo PSX_20141121_232357_zpswrkwq0u0.jpg

I felt like I really wanted a little interest at the neckline, but most of my "gold" necklaces would not suit one way or another. I finally settled on this flea-market find:

 photo PSX_20141121_022357_zpsgq5t4cov.jpg

Was it a nice touch, or "too much"? And when did I get those weird "freckles"?

I was an amateur and professional radio DJ and producer for the bulk of the Nineties. When my Bestie and I went to karaoke night later that evening... I had a bug in the back of my brain: I wanted to sing a certain song that had me dancing around the On-Air studio in my oversized college sweatshirt and sweats during my late-night shifts. Every. Time.

I was unbelievably impressed that the DJ at this hotel bar in Boonieland actually had this for karaoke-- I rocked the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks out of it:

I was in my twenties in my (pathetically-paid but freaking awesome) first career path once more. Flailing around the studio. In my head. Then I went to the ladies' room:

 photo PSX_20141120_230756_zpsnpc07aqx.jpg

Wow, I look much worse today than I thought I did. Talk about having one's illusions shattered! Ok, scrunched with product and air-dried isn't the way to style this cut. It's winter... I should be blow-drying anyway.

Hubby said something about not liking these jeans a couple of weeks ago. And he doesn't like a  close-fitting jeans style anyway, at least not on me. But I've lost a few pounds over the last couple weeks. They should be fine... or not:

 photo PSX_20141120_230531_zpsdrklnnwa.jpg

Yikes! No wonder Hubby prefers trouser-cut jeans on me! I hate it when we disagree-- and he's right. Argh!

 photo PSX_20141120_232144_zps7x2mqywr.jpg

For $70 jeans with "Tighter Tummy Technology", these seem to be wanting. Or are they actually doing a magnificent job? I may need to put them away for a few pounds... but I'm going to try something first. Tune in next episode!

I wore sneakers throughout the day and night because I knew I would be walking quite a bit in the store. And because I am wearing compression socks, which did not fit into the brown loafer-type shoes I intended for the outfit. Such glamour:

 photo PSX_20141121_022434_zpspvjrk3lg.jpg

But they were heavenly for all the walking. The socks kept my cankles from swelling to the size of Alaska. But my toes felt like they were there! Compression garments are a new thing for me, and I'm still experimenting. Apparently, they do not hold body heat at all.

I bought a couple pair of open-toe ones to try out, and so far I love them. These white ones are the full-foot type that my Mother-In-Law ordered, then discovered were too small, then gave to me. Yay! The foot part in the white ones is actually a bit big, I could probably wear cotton footies underneath next time I wear these sneakers.

My Bestie thawed out my frozen metatarsals by nailing all of her karaoke songs:

 photo PSX_20141121_000037_zpsd4uggbke.jpg

She has such an awesome voice, and I really love her color combination from last night. We were trying to explain what a "blog" is to her husband last night, but I finally had to show him this little project (aka lawyer doll blog) so he would get the gist.

Sweater: Jeannine Pierre via Bon Ton
Jeans: Lane Bryant
Shoes: Saucony via one of those Facebook "garage sale" groups. Just like new and $20!
Earrings: Cost Plus World Market
Necklace: via flea market

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

In the Back of my Closet

I know it sounds strange, but I bought a new purse. A gorgeous Coach Campbell hobo, with matching wallet. No worries, I'm not on a "spendy bender"... the purchase was ages ago, when I still had money! But I was so "fried", so exhausted and stressed-out, that I never bothered to switch my stuff around. So this beauty slumbered with my wedding dress, sewing machine, and the stuffed animals I keep for child houseguests for a while.

 photo 2014-11-17 18.11.13_zpsg9vy2l4o.jpg

My Kate Spade wallet (gift from Freeda) has definitely seen better days, so it was time for a new one. The Coach wallet I purchased along with the purse is the same color as the new bag, but I didn't find the right image online to steal. The wallet's side pouch is intended for an iPhone, but my Galaxy S4 is a bit of a snug fit. By the time I can extricate my phone, the caller has reached my voicemail! I use it for my hoard of Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupons instead. And I keep my scan cards on a keyring attached the the wristlet clip.

There isn't anything wrong with the bag I've been carrying for years... I'm just weary of yet another form of the "black lump". I've mostly used black leather bags throughout my adult life, and they've been decent and practical. But I'm bored to tears!

 photo IMG_20101015_125903_edit0.jpg

I am still keeping this, and may switch my things out from time to time. But in keeping with my wardrobe overhaul, I think my lovely B. Makowski "Mom Bag" needs a rest!

The search was actually for an oxblood color, but I settled on the bordeaux. The color will look great with most of my wardrobe. There is a decent amount of storage space, but that it still looks "neat" without being "over-structured". And it will look great with my new "interview suits"!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Major Image Overhaul

Back to try this blogging thing again... I've really missed the support of my blog-buddies. Hope you all remember me!

I'm still jobless, but picking up a little work here and there. I feel myself preparing for "something"-- I'm not entirely sure "what" yet-- by editing and revamping my wardrobe. So a lot of changes will be forthcoming!

Let's be frank... my "career wardrobe" has been pretty "catch-as-catch-can" for years, with pieces thrown together hoping they would be alright. For this I really have two factors to blame: 1. I do not possess the advanced sewing skills (or the will) necessary to sew my own suits; and 2. The utter neglect of the plus-size fashion industry to make affordable separates, in cuts that work for my body type, and that are polished enough for a traditional professional.... The "traditional professions" including law. (I know that medicine and accounting are on the list, but I can't recall- is engineering in that category as well?)

I recall being utterly dismayed when finding lovely jackets in Lane Bryant during attempts at shopping over the years, only to find that the accompanying pieces were capris. Seriously?! I can't litigate in capris! *curling up into the fetal position* My allergy to all animal-fiber fabrics is another hugely limiting factor.

But like almost every other woman in the Western hemisphere, I am an electronic hoarder on Pinterest. Recently, two items I pinned separately appeared on my home page together:

 photo Screenshot_2014-10-21-10-47-21_zpsdxfvwfcm.png

And I can't get them out of my head! Everything matches, and looks deliberate. And so, so, soooo chic! THAT is what I want to look like... at least as well as I can do for my body size and type. And my pocketbook....

This concept rattled around in my head at the most opportune time for me: Lane Bryant actually has GREAT suit separates and coordinates out this year. *ecstatic dance* And while I'm a bit skint on cash, I do have their charge account. And I absolutely must buy separates rather than actual suits because my top and bottom are NEVER the same size.

"Doesn't it seem somewhat counter-intuitive to buy clothes and shoes when you are broke?", many may ask. Yes... BUT. But much of my previous "career wear" pieces have become shabby and ill-fitting. And it is crucial to polish my professional image to help my chances at improving my situation.

Besides, I'm keeping tags and receipts until they are actually worn. And I've already made some returns/repurchases to get a better price, such as when the item goes on sale. Or a better fit, as I've exchanged a couple of the jackets for a size smaller than initially purchased.

So I present some of my purchases, with the photos taken directly from the Lane Bryant website (with my edits, of course). And I did not buy the shirts shown-- I have a metric ton of shirts, thanks to Freeda's purge pile and my own thrifting and hoarding instincts!

 photo Screenshot_2014-11-15-09-47-54_zpsh1onq6y0.png

The back hem of the jacket hits me in the perfect spot- before it could strain across the hips! No wonder some the of ladies reviewing this on the website complained that it was too short; it's perfect for short-waisted, big-bootied moi!

I am not posting a photo of the trousers because it doesn't come across well, but the pinstripes match the pink and white in the jacket. I wish there were a matching pinstripe jacket, but alas... no.

But I found the same jacket, in suit separates! No ponte knit panels, and the exact same fit as the tweed jacket... I'm in chubby/curvy lawyer clothing heaven:

 photo 2014-11-15 10.25.57_zpsk47fv77s.jpg

They also had these jackets and trousers in a lovely burgundy color... but the trousers are the wrong cut for my shape. They didn't make them in the cut that works for me. C'est la vie.

Another jacket that I could not resist:

 photo Screenshot_2014-11-15-09-47-00_zpsxxnfcdv1.png

I love the contrast of the "rebellious" motorcycle jacket design with the traditional houndstooth pattern. And the fabric is so easy to move in! It's perfect for a long day working in the office.

I'm still debating a few clothing purchases/orders... as to whether they will be returned. That discussion (with photos, of course) will be in a future post.

I've also purchased some shoes (TG for my Bon Ton charge account), and done a major review and editing of the contents of my closet. Although there will be further refinements as I figure out how to get the best use out of what I have.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Roller-Coaster Summer

What a weird year... just as I was emerging from near-hibernation, my kayak was stolen. I discussed that in the last post, of course. I was asked to show the replacement kayaks, so they are a bit further down.

First, the two left behind by the scumbag thieves (modeled by Stinky and his little sister):

 photo 2014-11-15 22.04.39_zpsulczvocl.png

My mom's health never fully recovered from last summer, and without going into too much detail... she was in and out of the hospital and a physical rehabilitation facility for much of the summer. I went to the Mitten in June to be there for her hip replacement surgery, but not the subsequent hospitalization for post-op infections, etc.

While I was there, the local paddle shop graciously arranged a demo of several models after a lengthy discussion about the water conditions and how my old kayak handled where I live now. And with a generous gift from my Mother-In-Law, my Precious came home with me:

 photo 2014-11-15 22.00.43_zpswvg783o0.png

And I put her to very good use throughout July and August, and I paddled almost as often as possible.

 photo 2014-11-15 22.01.33_zpswza6fuem.png

I later picked up an inexpensive sit-on-top model to replace "Bud"-- the cheapie we won in a drawing:

 photo IMG_91458288502692_zpsjujttqtf.jpeg

Stinky's buddy really enjoyed the new model!

Shortly thereafter, I picked up a second one of that model because Stinky's middle-sized kid kayak handles horribly, and it's very slow. He's also been shooting up like a weed, and he is getting a bit big for it. My boat-phobic Bestie is giving Stinky's new kayak a try... another convert!

 photo 2014-11-15 21.59.01_zpsab73bnkt.png

At the end of August, I had to put them all away for the winter. I got a call from Freeda that my mom was very ill, and my sisters had called an ambulance. I spent all of September in Michigan, as my mother was in-and-out of the hospital and rehab again. And we were moving my parents from their giant white elephant house to a cosy senior apartment... lots of work!

But Mom is much, much better and more "herself" than I have seen in over a year... so I came back to hearth and home-- rather to my poor neglected husband and household. And promptly got the mother of all sinus infections! I guess my body finally broke down after a month of living like a nomad and snatching naps in hospital rooms.

By the time I recovered, kayak season was over. As is my "sabbatical"... time to get back in the game!