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Sunday, November 30, 2014

"Fat Clothes"

Since I've been home from dealing with my mother's illness and hospitalizations, I've gotten very serious about shedding some of these extra pounds. I actually gained a bunch of weight while I was in the Mitten for a month-- I guess thirty days of daily gluten-free pizza, accompanied by daily pint(s) of ice cream will do that to a girl!

But Mom's health problems, along with my Mother-in-Law's, are (at a minimum) exacerbated by their obesity. My Mom has lost a lot of weight, but the damage is done. Hubby has been very concerned about my future health, and has been urging me to get serious about weight loss. And unlike *some* (ex-) boyfriends, I am absolutely certain that Hubby truly means that his concern is about my health-- and it's not about appearance. He's just that kind of guy, which is part of why I married him and not one of those other guys!

So far, so good! I got home late on Sept 30., and on November 1 calculated that I lost just over twelve pounds. Yay me! Although I suspect that my weight loss for November isn't so impressive, particularly as I've gone off the low-carb wagon for the last week while at my M-I-L's....

So I edited out my "too big" clothes... which always feels better than editing out my "too small" ones. And I thought it would be fun to post my old blog photos of clothes that *hopefully* won't see the light of day again!


My brown nubby pants are finally too big!

 photo IMG_20100921_135001_edit0.jpg

Hubby thinks this jacket still fits, but it just seems a bit big now to me. Plus, it's really not in season:

 photo 2012-11-29_22-00-48_536_edit0.jpg

It's funny, I bought three of these shirts--same size-- at the same time. But this one had to be tailored differently than the other two. And it's too big while the other two will still work for the time being:

 photo IMG_20101005_095931_edit0.jpg

Sending my "Mom Jeans" to the storage box-- they are way too big now:

 photo 4c2c0f24.jpg

I'm being very strict about what I will keep in the "too big" bin. Only garments that are still in decent condition, fit well when I am that size (I'm getting rid of my "too short" pants), nothing likely to be quickly outdated (not much of a problem for me, I tend to go pretty "classic"), will make it into this box. Things that if, Heaven forbid, I regain weight... I will not be embarrassed to wear.

Because even if I'm fat-- and it's OK to use the word "fat" when it's true-- it's no excuse for dressing in ill-fitting or shabby garments like I have been for the last couple of years... coinciding with onslaught of Hubby's and Mom's medical problems.


  1. Yes, sadly, being too heavy does impact one's health. Many of my friends have worse medical conditions because of it. On the other hand, your last point is absolutely accurate -- no matter what our size, we can wear attractive clothes. We need to focus on style and fit. Your clothes are a good illustration of smart choices.

    1. Aw... shucks... Just wait until you see the results of my image overhaul! Right now, it still looks like my closet exploded, but soon everything should be sorted and ready to rock!

  2. Sorry to read about your mom and mil. I hope they get better soon.

    Happy to read you're able to cull your wardrobe. Always a great feeling.