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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bye, Bye, Bye!

I thought it would be fun to review some of the items that didn't survive "The Purge of November 2014":


Bye-bye, buttflaps! I hate the way they stick out on my already ginormous bottom, and these pants are just are too short-- even in flats. I actually wore them to court recently, then started kicking myself when I got home. But I hadn't had my new court clothes tailored yet. No excuse- I had other things I could have worn!

 photo IMG_20100910_134330_edit0.jpg

I've never been crazy about brown, though as much as I've worn it-- one could reasonably infer otherwise. I have a ton of brown shoes purchased for brown pants over the years... I wonder how long I can avoid brown pants? As of this purge, I have no brown or mostly-brown pants or jackets in my closet. But there might be some in the storage bins. Time (and weight loss) will tell.

While I won't miss the brown butt-flap pants, I'm going to miss my wardrobe staple-- it was just too shabby to keep around any more. Although it was tough to part with. At least my red version of this is still OK.

 photo IMG_20100922_153115_edit0.jpg

While I love the concept of a big, cozy sweater... the execution leaves much to be desired. At least on me, because I need more bulk added to my cartoonishly round hips! Given to my Bestie:

 photo 2011-11-18_12-57-15_507-1_edit0.jpg

I liked this sweater, and it was a freebie hand-me-down from Freeda. But it was just getting too faded to deal with... it's Old Navy, so not a top-quality fabric. Although I was impressed that the design actually matched up at the button placket:

 photo 2012-01-09_21-01-45_166-1_edit0.jpg

This tank was always a bit too sheer for my comfort:

 photo IMG_20110729_181304_edit0.jpg

I'm keeping the button-down, just got rid of the top underneath. The boat neck never lies flat, and it's just annoying:

 photo IMG_20101220_211353_edit0.jpg

I really loved this combination, but the sweater just kept coming up short. Short-waisted and short-sleeved. But it is such a great color/accessory combination! I will be merciless in this purge, and keep an eye out for a better-fitting hot pink sweater to try the idea in the future:

 photo 2011-12-01_16-10-03_129-1_edit0.jpg

Delightfully warm, but just too big and not worth altering:

 photo IMG_20101228_100820_edit0.jpg

I tried having this altered, but it was still a hot mess:

 photo IMG_20101117_090628_edit0.jpg


This Chico's sweater, along with it's black counterpart, started to unravel around the neck. They weren't special enough to try to mend, and the sleeves were a touch too short anyway:

 photo IMG_20110125_153054_edit0.jpg

See how I'm trying to hide that the waist was too short as well? It would be hilarious, if I hadn't worn that to work!

I know I should go through another round of purges at some point... although I'm hoping I was thorough this time. Oh well... I will probably have to do it when I go down a size or two.

I will have to post about the things I'm having a hard time purging. I could use your input!


  1. You purged quite a lot. Purging is difficult for me too. I have to be in the right mood for it. Weight loss is a great motivator though. Thank goodness I did not get rid of every single pair of pants that had gotten too big for I've gained back 13 pounds and will be working on getting that back off soon.

  2. I'm not getting rid of the clothes that are too big but still nice... I know better! I'm a bit nervous to see how much I've gained over the last week of festivities.