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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Is "The Force" With Me?

Yesterday, I had to drive Hubby for some court appearances. I wanted to look good, since people I know from my old job would likely see me. I did take the time to blow-dry my hair... but I was too lazy to dig my trouser jeans out of the clean laundry basket and iron them. So I went for a butt-covering sweater and wore my jeans from Thursday instead:

 photo PSX_20141121_231001_zpsnbunwhki.jpg

I adore this belt, and was glad for the chance to wear it:

 photo PSX_20141121_231132_zpsq6mm6fjb.jpg

My outfit today is reminding me of something... giving me a fun feeling... what could it be?

 photo Screenshot_2014-11-22-00-16-11_zpsvdnxqhop.png

Thats it... My outfit is reminding me slightly of a Jedi costume. Cool! Speaking of Jedi-- check this great parody video:

I'm such a fangirl... the lyrics are from my mind to this guy's lips!

I wanted to wear coordinating jewelry with my Jedi-esqe outfit, but nothing that would overshadow my "lovebirds". So I picked some subtle studs:

 photo PSX_20141121_232421_zpsh4bzze2u.jpg

Because they work well with this necklace:

 photo PSX_20141121_231223_zpsnuuvbu8n.jpg

However, there were still a few issues with the outfit. Mostly because I wore the jeans that I determined were too tight as I wrote the last post. And because the sweater would ride up if I forgot to tug it down after sitting:

 photo PSX_20141121_231044_zpshteijldt.jpg

The sweater covers the worst of the back of these jeans, but not quite enough to save them from the "too small" bag:

 photo PSX_20141121_231102_zpskuhoktsd.jpg

I decided to wear a pair of my winter boots, rather than shoes. Mostly because I wasn't sure what to expect from the weather. It turns out that they weren't necessary, and my feet were sweating like crazy while I was waiting for Hubby's court appearance to be over:

 photo PSX_20141121_101820_zps9vbdo2ry.jpg

This is with trouser socks over the compression socks... my feet were boiling, perhaps I should have left the trouser socks off.

It is a little amusing that I can't seem to find any boots that will lace up without weird gaps around the tongue. Life without ankles... *sigh* On the plus side, I was asked if I lost weight!

Top: VanHeusen turtleneck "altered" by me.
Sweater: Croft & Barrow via Baby's Sis' friend's purge pile. Yep, I'm getting hand-me-downs from           perfect strangers... sweet!
Jeans: Lane Bryant
Boots: Bass
Earrings: Cost Plus World Market
Necklace: Wal-Mart
Belt: via Freeda's purge pile


  1. Yoda himself has given 2 thumbs up! :) Lovely belt, a keeper!

  2. Ah, that video - what a brilliant piece, and now I'm singing along. Love, love the bird belt and your whole look is cool. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  3. Jedi or no ... I like your combinations! Jeans always look better the second day, anyway. I throw mine in the dryer when they get fished back out to wear!!! You looked put together for your outing, and you have to know your former co-workers were wishing they could go cute and casual like you!
    Sweaty tootsies? How we suffer for style! Better than cold feet, and they looked chic, I'll bet!