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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bring back the hoopskirt!

I went to a traditional Catholic wedding this weekend, so I thought it would be fun to show how I almost never dress.

To start, I hate, hate, hate wearing dresses. I loathe exposing my legs. I hate worrying about accidental exposure... a stiff breeze almost flashed the wedding party post-rehearsal (thank goodness that I wore cheap leggings underneath- to prevent thigh-chafing!)

The dress I wore to the rehearsal is a thrift shop find. (blue and off-white swirlys) My sister loved it, but it looked better on me!

I know women with fat ankles shouldn't wear ankle straps, but I was out of time to find something to go. Because I've never worn that dress. My feet were killing me in them, and I'll probably donate them.

Dress: Target via Goodwill
Belt: Target
Sandals: BonTon
Earrings: Corning Museum of Glass. They're lunar globes.

Yes, I'm wearing nude hose. As much as I hate wearing open-toed shoes with hose, I was desparate here. I'm hoping I can call it a "vintage" look and get away with it. My legs are fishbelly white, with those lovely blue spider viens run amok. I'm in my thirties, my face could pass for late twenties.... but my legs look sixty-five.

The hair flowers are from Maurice's. Looking at the photos, the white one was too bright for the dress. But my darling hubby with excellent taste says I should do my hair this way more often. I must agree.

I think I put on a couple pounds since I purchased this dress. And Spanx is NOT as good as advertised. But I love the black-and-white teardrop design, and the kimono neckline.

Dress: VanHeusen outlet store
Shoes: Aerosoles patent flats on their last gasp

The neckline was lower than turned out to be appropriate for the church, even after I emergency-basted (that pucker in the photo). I tucked the end of my BonTon shawl-as-veil into my brastrap to cover up during the ceremony.

Looking back, I should have switched the order I wore them in. The rehearsal was at 5 pm, and the wedding 10 am, so I think the swirly dress would have been more appropriate for the morning. Live and learn...

I don't normally wear red lipstick, but was feeling vintagey... probably due to the traditional setting. One of the guests had these killer vintage-looking lace-up granny shoes I envied.... They would have looked like an ACTUAL granny's feet on me, though *sigh*


  1. Love the shawl and the black hair accessory best. The black/white dress is okay, but dear God, when did you get Mom's legs? I think a nude hose would avoid that *pooling of color* around the place where an ankle should be.

    Love, your sister-in-cankles.

  2. Of the three of us, I got the worst legs. They may even be worse than Mom's, because she doesn't have the saddlebags... those come from Dad's side.
    Now the random reader, if I ever get any, will understand WHY the modern skirt is an instrument of torture, and the hoopskirt needs to make a comeback!

  3. Comment from Baby Sis on Facebook:
    "I like you in dresses! They are cute! Yes, agreed, the ankle straps shoes have gotta go. I personally feel for me, and I may be wrong, that wearing some dressy sandal heel type shoes are the most flattering when it comes to our cankles. I think it makes it look a little less obvious. I think you need to do what I did, kick back and beer and say F the cankles, I accept them body and soul!"