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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New clothes!

I got these navy blue pants on clearance for ten bucks! They were "Red Triangle" rather than my standard "Blue Dot" Lane Bryant pants, but at such a cheap price it was worth the twelve bucks to get my tailor to bring the waist WAAAAAAY in.

She was supposed to hem them up, but when I got them home I discovered a pin in the hem on one side... I think she forgot to do it. But today I'm wearing new, higher shoes. NOT my duckbill Bass ones. Do they still need to come up a scoshe?

I already had the cream linen jacket... it's getting rumpled and grungy, so off to the cleaners!

The top I bought on clearance at the beginning of summer. It's been too hot for sleeves, so this shirt has just been sobbing with loneliness in my closet. I tried tucking it in, but look like someone's grandma when I do!

I'm having an issue with the shirttail: should I install a snap to keep the bottom closed, or just hem the shirt up a little?

Hubby votes for the snap....

Pants: Lane Bryant, derh!
Jacket: Kasper via consignment shop (it was a suit, but the pants don't fit)
Top: VanHeusen outlet (coupons on top of clearance!)
Shoes: Ariat mary janes
Necklace: made by Baby Sis for her wedding
Earrings: white gold from Marshall Field's. (I miss that store- bought out by Macy's) I've had them since I started practicing law. They stay in even when I drop from exhaustion!

These make me feel sassy! The stripe is patent.

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  1. Comment from Baby Sis on Facebook:
    "[L]ove that you're wearing the necklace I made! ;-) Maybe if you're good, I'll make you a couple new sets for X-mas."