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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Not one of my better days- I could just dye!

After he saw me in the sunlight, Hubby decided he didn't like these two blues together:

I like that I have a matching necklace for the top, but get irritated at how easily the top spots!

I couldn't find my white gold earrings today- I'm getting worried.... they were expensive. I never like wearing no earrings, but felt stuck today.

I'm having another bad hair day... so I threw it up into my favorite clasp.

I don't like this jacket. I think it's the white I'm not digging... it's kind of see-through in places. And it's cotton, reminding me of a short lab coat. Maybe I'll follow my inspiration from some of the other fashion blogs and just dye this jacket.... what color?

Jacket: Lane Bryant
Top: Ann Taylor outlet
Necklace: Ann Taylor outlet
Pants: Lane Bryant
Shoes (can you even see them?): Ariat
Hair clasp: I forgot


  1. The top is cute and has a nice color. I agree with you about the white of the jacket: anything would be better. It looks clinical and doesn't enhance the rest of the outfit.

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderful comments on my blog!

    They're so insightful and teach me valuable stuff I'm eager to learn. Thanks!!

  3. Go with a nice berry color! It's my current favorite. Or you could just tea stain it. Or wine-dye it. I like the top though.

  4. I like the two blues together - any tones of the same colour will always work.

    I'd dye the jacket a neutral like beige, or khaki. The white is too stark.

  5. Auntie!! Come see my blog! i loveeeeee youuuuu :)