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Saturday, November 27, 2010


Turkey, dressing, gravy, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie anyway.... I Gobble-Gobbled it all down!

I wish someone told me my lipstick had worn down... the "chola lips" are entirely accidental!

The strategic dressing comes from two incontrovertible facts:

1. A four-hour drive to the in-laws' mountaintop fortress.

2. Mother-in-law doesn't accept "I'm full" as a correct response to anything. Ever.

A maternity-like top with adjustible tie in the back is handy to permit maximum gluttony while giving the illusion I still care about my appearance.

The true secret weapon is these high-waisted "I give up" pants I bought in a fit of depression, but kept for such occasions as "Glutton-Fest 2010". They are some gawd-awful stretchy crepe, and the elastic waist comes up almost to my braline, but not quite. My gut can expand freely in these suckers, which is why they only come out on special occasions!

Between this necklace (that I was looking for last week for another outfit) and my big flower earrings, which I can't seem to find the photo of...

The illusion of concern for my appearance on a feast day is complete.

Top: Style & Co. Woman via Macy's
Pants: Target
Necklace: Ann Taylor outlet
Earrings: Lane Bryant


  1. I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving. Those pants are genius... desperate times call for elastic waistlines. You look awesome!

  2. As a foodie, I also have "eating pants" with an expandable waistband. Tools of the trade. :)

  3. hi, i just discovered you. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your subtitle!!!!
    I have the opposite problem. I used to be an accountant and now am a stay at home mom. barely get out to places other than the grocery store, post office, church... so no motivation to dress up. thus my blog was born :)
    please come visit me..