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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Newspaper day

Black, white, and red all over! I've paid attention to requests for color to be paired with this jacket:

And that's the best I could figure out so far... at least that will keep me warm enough. Just pulled it out of my Space Bag of "stuff that now fits" over the weekend. I'm a little unsure about the cable-knit with the check pattern, though.

I did see a plain red turtleneck sweater at the VanHusen outlet that might go a bit better... or does this sweater work? Now that I think about it... I might have to get it anyway, so I can wear my old Soviet Lenin pin in the cowl. That would be hilarious in this conservative area!

I haven't worn these earrings in forever... I found them while unpacking awhile back. Are these OK for work, or are they too cheap-looking?

It's a non-Court day, so I decided I would experiment today rather than embarass myself in front of the judges (again). So I only potentially embarass myself in front of coworkers, and in front of clients that often don't know the difference, anyway.

Sweater: VanHusen outlet
Jacket: Talbot's
Pants: Lane Bryant
Earrings: I forgot. They were part of a cheap set, and I bought them in the nineties.


  1. The cable is fine - it's a texture, not a pattern, and it doesn't clash!

    I think especially with long hair worn down, that you can get away with a lot in terms of earrings.

  2. Perfect. Just the right touch of pizzazz.

  3. I really like the red sweater with that looks soooo good on you. Go and buy the red turtle neck!!! It will look good with all your jackets.
    I like the earrings...but I think you're right... not for court.
    I love the colour of your lipstick... do you mind if I ask what colour and make it is?

  4. Dee- it's Revlon "Just Bitten" lipstain, the color is "Forbidden". I then put on a coat of Covergirl "Shineblast" lipgloss. I can't find a color name, but "9334" is stamped on the sticker.