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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Post-surgical fashion

A lovely boot provided my my podiatrist, with my own folded-over athletic sock:

I actually flipped the pillow over so you would see the pretty satin, but I'm really resting on the cotton side so the velcro doesn't wreak havoc.

Squeaky has been staying with me during the day, while Hubby is working. Which is hugely helpful! She's studying for the Bar, which is next week. Oh, the misery! So I'm timing her and here to explain something when she gets stuck. Win-win!

So on her breaks, we've been watching "Clean House", and while she studies I've started reading "The Red Queen" by Philippa Gregory. It's a fictionalized account of the life of Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry Tudor.

After Hubby got home for work, I insisted he step in for "outfit of the day" duty:

I love the plaid on this tie, but it's seen better days:

Hubby is kind of hard on things....

Jacket: Jos. A. Bank
Shirt: VanHusen outlet
Tie: VanHusen outlet
Belt: Bass
Pants: Ralph Lauren

Then I got Hubby to help me with a shower... and change into fresh new jammies (don't want to draft Squeaky unless there is no choice... that's a bit much to ask):


  1. Aw, feel better, hon!

    Hubs looks very dapper - love your little hearts too!

  2. Hubby looks great...tell him to step in front of the camera more often!! Take it easy...get rest...enjoy some pampering...I hope it isnt too painful!

  3. Glad to hear you are posting away--may help you heal quicker! lol Rest well~ Paula

  4. aren't you better yet? I'm bored. You should come recover here. :)

    Jay's looking good! His hair always looks so nice.

  5. I'm so glad the surgery went well! Hope you feel better real soon. Hubby looks make a cute couple.

  6. Hubby is handsome girl! How are you feeling? Get well soon so you can be back on your feet posting outfits.

  7. Hope you're feeling okay and recovering quickly. I love that your husband took over outfit duties. Too sweet!

  8. Go hubby! You know you've got a good man by your side when he's willing to do an outfit post! :) Feel better soon!

  9. Sounds like everything went well. How long will you have the foot propped up?

  10. Someone's man is looking all smart and dapper - love it!



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