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Friday, August 5, 2011

Friend Friday: Location Influences Fashion

Still horribly sick... you don't want to see me or hear any details. Trust me.

But at least it's "Friend Friday", so here's a little content for my blog today, anyway:

1. What part of the world do you blog from?

From a small town in a rural part of upstate New York.

2. If you had to describe the overall mode of dress for where you live what would you say?

The town I live in is a good bit more upscale than the town I work in, certainly. Which leads to an interesting dichotomy- especially given that they are only 20 miles apart.

Where I live: pretty yuppie/professional with a little arty/funky tossed in now and then. It is a headquarters for a large corporation, so there are plenty of professionals around. There is also a small arts scene.

Where I work: a lot of badly-dressed civil servants and shabby/poor public- at least what I see during my workdays. Then again, I have a government job serving the poor in the county seat.

3. Do you fit in with the status quo around you or do you break the mold?

I certainly try to break the mold at work! Some days with more success than others, admittedly. I think I mostly fit in where I live.

4. If you have lived or traveled to another part of the country/world did your clothing choices evolve?

Of course! I got hooked on scarves in France... you actually need the neck coverage in Paris because the wind hits you right in the neck! I think I shed a little "American tackiness" through my travels, which also accompanied my evolution from student/DJ to practicing attorney.

I always loved clothing and accessories from other cultures... the trick is to give a sartorial nod without wearing a costume. If anything, I under-do accessories in general rather than risk tackiness by over-doing it.

5. If you had to describe your style by naming a specific city, what would you be?

Chicago or San Francisco. All-season, practical, classic clothing and accessories with little twists and details to perk up the look without going too nuts. I don't have time or patience for garb that impedes my movement (ie: tight/short skirts, high heels, etc.). I need to be taken seriously, but dread perception as dull and dowdy.


  1. I so agree with this: "the trick is to give a sartorial nod without wearing a costume." I like the way you balance your conservative professional look with your individual style. It's not always easy!

    Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

  2. i hope you get better soon.

    your work environment sounds very similar to mine. it makes me a bit sad because I can't discern if people dress poorly because they can't afford to buy nice clothing or if they have given up and just dont care.

    i enjoyed reading the answers to this weeks friend friday, everyone's answers were so different :)