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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Why did the 3-martini lunch go out of fashion?

I really needed after this morning in court... bizarrre... so no pic while at work because I cried most of my eye makeup off. Mirror-pic today:

Stinky really got a kick out of being asked to take a "butt-shot", so I can show why I've decided to get my tailor to shorten this sweater:

I love how nicely the color goes with this necklace:

The pants are different than today's in this older pic of the shoes:

Sweater: via TJ Maxx
Pants: Lane Bryant
Shoes: Trotters via defunct shoe store
Necklace: via an art museum in Jackson, Mississippi


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  2. Oh, sorry for your bad morning! You do look fab though in your buckled sweater and cool necklace. Love the sandwich too : >

  3. I LOVE that sweater. PS I set aside a bunch of stuff for you that's too short waisted for me.

  4. Girl your waist is amazing!!! Your son is too cute! So sorry about your tough day in court! Kiah