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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

New Suit Debut

Last Wednesday, I went to a holiday get-together for a local Toastmasters group. I'm not a member, but one of the local prosecutors keeps inviting me to join, and I'm hoping to make the time for it soon. So why not meet a few of the people ahead of time?

Since I had just seen her in court the previous day, I didn't want to repeat my outfit. Fortunately, my jacket finally got back from the tailor:

 photo PSX_20141218_034644_zpse2puvnmu.jpg

I really should have steamed it... I'm hoping, since we were at a hibachi place, that nobody noticed.

 photo PSX_20141218_034759_zps1keqroi7.jpg

I also broke out my Lane Bryant "Perfect Shirt". I have to say... it's pretty great. Modest neckline but will still show a necklace well, and no need to safety-pin at my check to keep it from gaping. Apparently, the neckline was still low enough for a hot chunk of veggie to land in my cleavage when I failed to catch it with my mouth... youch!

At least the gorgeous aubergine color was perfect for this delicate beauty...

 photo PSX_20141208_024526_zpshcm0as7w.jpg

...which I think I've only worn with my "princess shirt". I'm so glad I finally get another use for it! The sleeves are a bit long, but they fold up so nicely:

 photo PSX_20141218_034504_zpsdq3pvtji.jpg

And a cheap pair of crystal studs to go with, but not overpower, my necklace:

 photo PSX_20141218_085703_zpspur5cazk.jpg

I was feeling a bit festive, so I felt a bit more sparkle was needed:

 photo PSX_20141218_110440_zpsgo2cmno7.jpg

I'm not accustomed to tucking shirts in, but I should get used to it... as part of my move to brush up my image:

 photo PSX_20141218_034419_zps4tohoy3h.jpg

It's really best with the jacket on... and I did keep it on the whole evening. Another pleasant surprise was that the suit works with a pair of shoes that I haven't worn in years:

 photo PSX_20141218_111336_zpsvlijoopn.jpg

Suit: Lane Bryant
Shirt: Lane Bryant
Earrings: via Sally Beauty Supply
Necklace: gift from Mom
Pin: gift from M-I-L
Shoes: Proxy via VanHoeck's Shoes in Grand Rapids, MI

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