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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back to the Boondocks

I survived toddlers, cocktails, and karaoke... and the stupidly long drive back... so I'm back at work. Feeling pretty useless today, really. But at least I look good:

Trying Sheila's "Wonder Woman" pose. I am definitely NOT Lynda Carter. *sigh*

But at least I get to post my cool necklace:

Which is what I had in mind when I bought these:

Is getting the same shape in pendant and earrings too cutsey?

The collar actually came with a different pendant, but it's easily changed. The only loose silver-colored pendant it doesn't fit is my favorite pendant... I really need something to put this on:

I got this from an artist at the Kalamazoo Art Hop years ago... she does all these great silver casts of budding branches. I have a great pin she made that I need to have repaired. I'll save posting that for later though....

As you can probably tell, Mom goes to a lot of craft shows... and I benefit!

And yes, I've posted these clothes before, but I'm not a celebrity, so I'm just trying to mix up what I have!

Jacket: VanHusen outlet
Top: Pip's in Corning, NY
Pants: Lane Bryant
Shoes: Ariat
Silver collar: gift, I think from Mom
Reversible pendant (red): gift from Mom
Earrings: Gold Mine in Bath, NY


  1. I really admire this outfit. Stylish design and appealing bright-red pop of color.

    Will you be impressed to hear I know the name of the shape of your jewelry? The necklace and earrings are both a hexagon. It's a futuristic shape that's attractive.

  2. Love, love, love that jacket on you! Wow.... The whole outfit looks great. Have you shown that blue pendant before?- it's very pretty.

  3. I haven't been able to wear the blue one because I have nothing to put it on. *hint hint*. It doesn't fit on my only silver collar (because of that loop), and when I try to put it on any chain, it just looks stupid. But I love it....

  4. Haha... I assumed "J" was Hubby commenting, and was throwing that hint to him for Xmas! I told him tonight that I love that he comments on my blog, and he said he did it a couple weeks ago. A mystery reader... Cool!

  5. Yeah, how come *Emily's mother* never gets ME any cool jewelry? Apparently you've been pegged as the fashiony one. Whatevs.

    I LOVE THIS OUTFIT. I think the red and gray together look very sophisticated. Well done!

  6. Oohlala I love the red jacket. I think the jewelery plays off each other very well. I think it would be too much if the earrings were red too. But the metal and stone gives a cool futuristic (to echo shybiker) feel.