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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Weekend in the Mitten visiting my peeps!

Since I've been transplanted, I have to drive all day to get back to my roots. Didn't take a Friday photo, but I've posted that outfit before so no biggie. Same deal for Monday.

Saturday just did a little shopping, went out with friends, and checked out Freeda's rental property:

I think I hate this bra- it shows through too many of my tops! But I'm not going to bother to replace it just yet... I'll do it in a few pounds. The damned diet seems to be working. I will be a bit sad when this top doesn't fit anymore, though.

I thought this would be a good day-to-night outfit. I adore this top, and have another one in a weird green that I possibly love more. Couldn't find it in time to pack, though. I know I'm exposing the horror I usually kept well-hidden, but it's hot and I'm married-- so, whatever. And I'm wearing cheapo Walmart flip-flops because my feet hurt, my toes are done so no need to hide, and it's hot. I wore them all weekend.

Top: Lane Bryant
Capris: Fashion Bug

Sunday was "Toddler Day". While Baby Sis' little girl is such a whirling dirvish I couldn't get a photo with her, I did catch my brother Big Daddy's little boy for a few.

Big Daddy seems to forget I have actually been around babies and mess before:

"If you're coming up tomorrow, DON'T dress like your typical douche-cosmo self. You're at a house with three cats, two dogs and a slobbering, snotty-nosed drooling one-year old with no concept of sticky dirty hands or a runny nose. You will get dirt, sneeze, spit, cough, germs, snot, cat hair and possibly poo or pee on you and your awesome clothes."

So I wore this:

And these:

I'd say they hid all that "mess" really well, considering I wore them through two separate playtimes with toddlers, a family dinner and bonfire, and karaoke at the pub with a few friends. Methinks Big Daddy's case overstated....

I think I'm learning how to manage my hair- it looked really good this weekend!

Top: Steinmart
Capris: Fashion Bug
Baby's shirt: Polo (I know, right? The kid is just going to puke on it. Then again, that didn't stop frat boys from buying them either, I suppose)


  1. You look great...those capris work on you. That blue top is an awesome color. Ignore your inner ankle comments...they look normal and only you notice them- really they look fine.

  2. I AM BIG DADDY! And you dressed fine. And, hey, it's my kid. I'm entitled to be a little paranoid. Let's face it - you do have a pretty spotty track record with due care and fine motor-skills. It's not like you'd ever do anything on-purpose...but he is *my* son.

  3. And you *do* tend to obsess over your appearance - sometimes to the detriment of other things... But you often look really nice.