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Thursday, October 7, 2010


I have to blame this on lack of sleep. I wasn't high....

Not only was combining the textures of the pants and the jacket a massive mistake, but these pants have turned out to be a real disappointment. They started off basically fitting (after much tailoring). They were a little big, which I accounted for with my recent 5 lbs lost.

But they got bigger throughout the day, to the point where the crotch was headed to my knees! My thighs actually touched in my pants! I really hate that.... LB sent an email asking me to rate this order. They're going to get an earful! Remember, I had to have the waist taken in a MILE, even though they're supposed to be my cut! Rrrrrrrrr.....

I only wore the top and jacket today because I wanted to post the necklace, now that I got it back from the farmer's market lady. It's plastic, but I thought the clear beads were cool, so I broke my usual rule. I'm verry fussy about my jewelry being real, but I do make exceptions.

Is the necklace a little long?

Top: Goodwill
Jacket: Dunkleberger's in Stroudsburg, PA
Pants: Lane Bryant disappointments
Shoes: Ariat awesomes
Necklace: farmer's market
Earrings: Gold Mine in Bath, NY


  1. You look fabulous... I can see that you've lost weight. Way to go! Too bad about the pants...They're a nice color. The necklace is very pretty -maybe a little long for that neckline but only a smidge nothing to worry about.

  2. Subject to the caveat I just left in commenting on your last post, I think the necklace is okay: a slightly-shorter length would be preferable but it's okay as it is.

    I like the jacket and top. A nice mix of conventional (the design) and offbeat (the color).

  3. I actually quite like the whole package. It's too bad the pants didn't turn out to be more functional. :(

    My big fat fail beats yours by a mile.