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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Need some input here, before I potentially buy something stupid

I absolutely love this top, and am trying to find ways to not pack it away for the winter. So here's how I did it today:

Yes, my hair looks heinous today- I overslept. And Hubby cut my feet off in this. I'd started getting one of the secretaries to take my photo- that's why they've been better lately.

Anyway... I liked how the hems are similar:

So I stopped by the store to look for another top to go under this- one with a higher neckline. I got the clerk to take the pics, so they are particularly bad.

The first look I tried was so bizarre, the clerks started laughing when I came out of the changing room. There is no photo of that, sorry. So I tried this next:

And this:

So should I stick with the first one, get the white or black turtleneck, or chuck the whole idea and save it for spring?

Below is the full look I wore today.

(Black) Top: purchased at Pip's in Corning, NY
Top: Macy's
Jacket: Kasper via consignment shop
Pants: such a pretty face
Shoes: Bass fuglys


  1. The first look is great...It's the neckline that's flattering. I bet a lighter color top in that style would look good too (khaki). Don't do the turtle-necks... it's too overwhelming. With a long sleeve sweater or jacket over it you can wear that top all year so don't pack it away. Great idea to remix it and use it all year!

  2. I love the top; it's very pretty.

    My vote is for the black turtleneck; it picks up the black in the top really well and looks nicely complementary.

  3. Oh dear heaven, I really really dislike those. Is there a reason you don't want to use a color from the top instead of a neutral?

    I love the look with the jacket today.

  4. It's not about not WANTING to pick up one of the colors... it's about finding something suitable in one of the colors... been having no luck.

  5. I understand your dilemma: I've faced it in similar situations.

    White won't work (as we see from the turtleneck); yellow won't work; my choice, light blue, won't really work either. That's why I recommended the black as a final option. It disappears and provides a backdrop for the print.

    Then again... I'm starting to wonder about my qualifications to give fashion-advice. I have no formal training, precious-little experience and gender-inadequacy. If, at some point, you think I should stop tossing in my opinions, just say so. I'd obey that instruction.

  6. LOL! Shy, you offer valuable perspective! Don't ever doubt it. We love having you around!! <3

    Amy, I'm wondering if what I don't like is the shape of the neckline on the "underthings" options. Barring the little horizontal bit that keeps your chachas from hanging out, it's really quite a V neckline. I think I might like a V under it better than a curve or turtle, because it will echo that line instead of fighting with it. Though in the end the floatiness of the sleeves may just make it impossible to truly make it seasonless.

    I don't like the proportions of the turtleneck on you, in general. Maybe a cowl? I'll have you try one of mine on this weekend to check, but it will have to be only for five seconds since I think it has wool in it.

    God, I sound mean. I'm not mean, I'm your sister! *Cue "He's not heavy, he's my brother" music.*

  7. I think a cowl-neck would work. I just bought one and it amazed me with its ability to solve this sort of problem. Give it a try!