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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Concept v. Execution. Result: FAIL

This was going to look so good... at least in my head. On me today... not so much!

It's supposed to get up to 75F today, so I thought I'd give the pretty coppery shell I just got from Freeda's purge pile a chance:

Um... yeah....

[NOTE: I originally posted a photo sans jacket, to show how heinously tight the top was. And to show the pretty color. But upon later review on an actual computer, I decided it was just too tight to show on the blog. It just didn't look quite so painted-on in my Droid screen. How embarassing!]

And I didn't have time this morning to come up with an ironed alternative. I really need to start laying out my clothes at night again. I never get up as early as planned. I'm a snooze-button abuser. Is there a rehab for that?

The original plan was to wear my off-white linen Kasper jacket. Which is a bit snug to be able to button up over this. So I switched to the only jacket that buttons properlyish at the moment:

I have finally decided what color to dye it! I'm going to try a tea-dye first. Then if it sucks, I'll choose something darker to cover it. Now I just need to learn to tea-dye. There has to be a Youtube video out there for that... I love the internet!

And I do NOT have a double-chin! At least not in the mirror. These are just really bad photos.

I wore the navy pants because I thought they would tie in with the scarf and these earrings, both of which I've been looking for a way to wear. Guess this wasn't it!

And to really annoy me, the blue shoes I wanted to wear aren't back from my podiatrist yet (for arch padding), so I had to substitute black ones. I don't think they were so sharp with this outfit, although I normally love them.

So between the painted-on top, the substituted jacket, and the missing shoes....


Can I just go home and start over today?

Top: Freeda's castoff Chico's
Pants: Lane Bryant
Shoes: Ariat
Jacket: Lane Bryant
Earrings: made by Baby Sis
Scarf: Toccare (?) I have no idea when or how I got it.


  1. My mother always taught me that if you can't say something nice...

  2. LOL I know, I know.... Big Fat Fail!

  3. The shell is a nice color on you. How would the scarf look hanging loosly down the lapels or knotted loosly at about the same height as the shells neckline? You have such a beautiful neckline that it's a shame to hide it.

  4. agreed. Don't shorten your neck by tying tight up to it.

    I agree w/tea staining too!

  5. I answered your question in the comments of my blog but let me re-state it here: I was surprised at the posting of your (now-deleted) photo. That display seemed out-of-character for you. Removing it was wise -- a quality I don't always possess when I post rashly.

  6. Now I really want to see the pic!! :P

    Do you think it would eliminate a little of the jacket pull if you moved the buttons (at least the bottom one) closer to the edge?