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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A happy accident!

I bought this black top for the sole purpose of extending the seasons I can wear this crazy shell. I've washed it since the last time I posted it, with a pretty cool surprise:

The ruffles fluffed up like crazy! When I bought they were all pressed flat.

How it looked today:

And pre-washing:

What's the verdict: should I keep the ruffles fluffy or press them down for future wearing?

And a better shot of the lunar globe earrings I wore today. Isn't the detail so cute?

Black top: VanHusen outlet
Shell: Steinmart
Pants: Lane Bryant
Earrings: Corning Museum of Glass.


  1. Ruffles look "way cooler" now! Don't have to iron it. What a great top for extending the seasons for your shells.

  2. Better ruffles, still not liking that top with that shell. Unless you have a cardi or jacket on? The black arms are just unnerving to me for some reason.

    The earrings rule.

    Didn't we have a talk about that dark lipstick? I swear it ages you.

    HA! verification word: prickbes

  3. I do have a thin black 3/4 sleeve summer jacket that might work. I'll try it next time....

  4. Ooohhh!!!! I love fluffy ruffles!

    That was magical the way washing perked them up. You must have a ghost in your washing machine.

    I'm curious what you think about freeda's observation that dark lipstick "ages you." I've read that older women (i.e., 30 and above) shouldn't wear dark lipstick but I don't see why not. I often see middle-aged women who look terrific in dark lipstick, so I don't understand the basis for the prohibition. Your view?

  5. Depends... generally lips narrow as we get older. But in today's shot I wasn't wearing dark lippy... the lighting was just particularly bad.

  6. I think I like them pressed down, but what a pain to do every time you wash!

    Love the lunar earrings!

    I am not a fan of dark lipstick on pretty much anyone - it's really hard to keep looking good (feathering, mouth-ring after you eat/drink/talk).

    Your blog is hard for me to view - your pictures go off the side of the screen. Are you able to upload them slightly smaller? :)

    Time to follow you!

  7. I do the entire blog from my cell phone (photos, photoshop, photobucket, and blogger), so my capabilities are limited. Usually Freeda goes in after me to shrink the photos on her computer, but sometimes it takes her a couple days.

    My darling Hubby hogs our only computer, so I rarely get on it, and don't know how to fix the photos yet.

    If you know how to shrink the photos on Droid please tell me!!! O IT Goddess.

    My work computer is monitored, and an antique, so I don't get to do anything fun on it. Government IT party poopers!