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Monday, October 18, 2010

Is it pathetic I'm excited about posting this?

I get to post something other than that brown and tan paisley top (seen or referred to in at least three prior posts) with these pants! *happy dance* I wore that same top and pants combo for the entire summer, with no other pairing. *sigh* It's cute, and all, but I'm getting really tired of that top.

I figure this outfit is good for a non-court day, with a stop taking Stinky to the library, hence the stacks in the background. I'm not sure these thick sleeves would fit into jacket sleeves now. And I'm a little afraid to try. How long can I put that potential humilliation off?

I've been thinking about the critiques I've been getting over turtleneck shirts, and wasn't sure if the consensus would be the same with a sweater. Let the comments fly!

And I figured a heavyish scarf might perk up this really plain sweater. B.B. (Before Blog) I would wear the sweater totally plain, but I'm really trying to add more interest to my work outfits without being overdone. I'm hoping this spotted, burnout velvet brown and tan scarf perks it up a bit.

This outfit was more about texture than color, but looking over many of my posts, I seem to emphasize that a lot. Interestinnng....

Sweater: VanHusen outlet
Pants: Lane Bryant
Scarf: I forgot
Earrings: JC Penney


  1. Very pretty! And I like how having a blog has inclined you toward finding ways to perk up outfits.

  2. You forgot? Isn't that the Chico's scarf we both have? Now I will wear mine tomorrow!!

  3. I like the scarf! I always throw a scarf on when I'm not really sure what to do with an outfit.

    Call Me Ishmael

  4. The scarf is lovely, and the caramel colour of the sweater is lovely on you. It's a great outfit!

  5. Love the scarf, it's real pretty with this simple sweater!

  6. I like the scarf over the turtlneck... It breaks up the frontal area ( see my hand swirling around in front of me-lol) It's that -"v"- area from neck to bust that becomes too overwhelming in a turtleneck- When anyone wears a turtleneck the eyes go from shoulder to shoulder and then down over the bust.... so it's accentuating a large area... with a jacket on it isn't obvious or with a scarf but the jacket needs to be buttoned and the scarf needs to be tied just like you did today. You Rock that look! very pretty.