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FYI: I was doing this entire blog from my Android phone, snatching moments out of my busy life for quick photos. But I hate auto-correct with a purple passion, so now I'm using the computer for most of the work. I am still using my phone for the photos, though. My photo sizes may be erratic, and the quality isn't stellar. I am not a professional blogger, and do not have time for lots of scenic poses with a great camera. I don't even own a great camera! However, I DO appreciate your continued feedback, even in the absence of photographic artistry.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

X marks the spot!

A late launch for a morning Junior League raid... er, meeting. Air-dried hair and simple garb for pillaging the leftover coffee and bagels, which were stashed in me galley.

No lipstick has me looking like the corpse of one of the unfortunate souls that perish in me raids. These jeans be punishment for me sins. In me stash arrre two pair of earrings from previous pillages that went well with this:

So I flaunt me gorgeous gold-in-glass globes that don't seem to go with much of me kit, to clue one in to the beads in the top- the booty from a raid on Freeda's purge pile:

Argh! Me shoes have seen many adventures. Methinks the toes have seen better days....

Top: Freeda's castoff Limited
Jeans: Lane Bryant
Shoes: Bass
Earrings: Kalamazoo Institute of Art

But the true booty was the pair of '20s- 30s gold gilt (oak!) tables comandeered from a local antique store:

Drawers, a shelf, and purty!

They are a bit big for me cabin, so mine is turned sideways. So I lost the use of the drawers- they're still me treasure!


  1. I can't tell you how much it pisses me off when my stuff looks better on you. Argh, matey. <--(said all piratey.)

  2. Very nice...all gold and sparkly! Looks good on you.

  3. Once in a while, we "see" things that were staring at us for a long time but didn't register consciously.

    I just realized that your skin is gorgeous. I mean, I've admired it for months, but without consciously recognizing that it was drawing my eye toward your face.

    Due to this attractive feature, the V-neck top you're wearing looks all the better. It extends the beautiful skin of your face south and creates an unbroken prairie of white, creamy territory.

    Your first photo moves me to poetic expression.

  4. Very poetic, but in this case, the camera does lie... or at least fudge a little. The flash seems to disguise the freckles and sun damage. It's not bad, but I've sadly ruined the "creamy white" through carelessness....

  5. Yarr, be it "Talk Like a Pirate" Day?

    First thing when I saw the top picture was, "Gee, her skin is so lovely."