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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Early Results are in!

From dieting, anyway. Not only are my pants getting baggy, but I fit back into a top I thought I could only wear under a v-neck sweater!

I love the pattern:

Of course, I spent the bulk of my day wrangling settlements in court. How many calories does telling my clients "they are fools if they don't accept a good offer" burn, anyway? -- I decided my jacket-substitute-sweater would have to do.

I know the pants are short! I just couldn't make myself wear my Bass fuglys with this outfit today. So sue me....

Apparently the sunlight coming in the window is to blame for inferior picture quality. But I'm not complaining! We will see virtually no sunlight soon enough....

Speaking of something that hasn't seen the sun for awhile, here's something I picked up on my first business trip ever. I had a deposition in Jackson, Mississippi shortly after Hurricaine Katrina hit. Half the city was closed, but the art museum was open!

That is feather over mother-of-pearl. Does it go with this outfit? I've been trying to work it in.

Just got those back from the podiatrist. I bought them years ago, when I saw them on another girl at law school. I asked where she bought them, she told me, and I went right out and got them. Obviously, I've had them for years.

I put on these earrings because I couldn't think of anything better. Ideas?

Been a very long day, with work and the Junior League meeting. Time to unwind....

Top: Ann Taylor via consignment shop
Sweater: Limited via consignment shop
Pants: Lane Bryant
Shoes: Franco Sarto (remember Marshall Field's?)
Earrings: Corning Museum of Glass
Necklace: art museum in Jackson, Miss.


  1. love the shirt and the necklace. I think they go together... at least I would never have thought about it if you hadn't brought it up. You just can't walk by a museum without buying some jewellery can you? lol ( have to admit the pieces you get there are wonderful- I would never have thought to look)

  2. ...and the occasional scarf! I'm a huge fan of museum gift shops. Probably everybody and her sister won't have what I have....

  3. Sorry for taking so long to reply to your post - I keep getting caught up! That's so interesting to learn that you studied over here - I tragically have never been to Christchurch! As for the shops, yep we still have Jacqui-E and Paris Texas, among many more now :)

    Congrats on the diet - it can be so hard to stick to these! I struggle at trying to cut candy out of my diet! and I think that your necklace looks good with your outfit :)

  4. What a funny coincidence you mention Marshall Field's. That store was founded by a man whose descendent (Marshall Field III) was not only personally known to my father (a cop in a wealthy community) but who bought 1,750 acres of nature on the North Shore of Long Island and later donated it to the State so it could become a State Park at which I regularly go for long walks.

    Your association with the MF name differs from mine, but that family touches my life every time I linger in the woods and see a red-fox darting across my path.

  5. I love the necklace and agree about the pattern in the top - very pretty. Congrats on the weight loss! That's a very tough thing to do - I've been maintaining my 50 lb loss for 3.5 years now.

  6. Love the skinny, love the top, love the necklace.

    You look a little lit in that last pic though! I hope you had a fun night and got a taxi!

  7. Sadly, I was stone-cold sober in the pic. And throughout the evening. It had just been a very hectic day....