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Thursday, November 11, 2010

When emotional needs trump "figure-flattering"

Off for work for Veteran's Day, but I scheduled my doctors' appointments for today to avoid more PTO. Meaning I had to leave my house. So I tried to bring the "cosy" along with me using a big, cosy sweater.

Photo by Stinky:

It's long, which is just *fantastic* for big hips clad in too-big jeans. I look like a dirigible!

I was trying to show the dark sparkly threads shot throughout. The pic doesn't show them well, but maybe you can pick out a few.

These are just irritating me... I had to take a zillion shots to get it in the right position. They flip around a bit, but the design doesn't look great from all angles. I've had them forever, but don't wear them much. I think that the wire swirl at the bottom is in the same direction on both earrings seems unbalanced.

Maybe I wore them this time, along with this "walking blanket" because I'm feeling unbalanced today?

Sweater: New York and Co. via consignment shop
Jeans: Lane Bryant
Earrings: probably a gift from Mom. Maybe Freeda.

I wore my regular Ariat shoes out, but they were off in the photo


  1. Not a gift from me! But I like them. They remind me of hookahs.

    I actually don't hate the long sweater.

  2. I've seen you spell cozy with an "s" before: is it intentional? Does it mean something, like a reference to or abbreviation of some other word?

    Sorry to be a pedant: that's my nature.

  3. Just always read too many British books and newspapers, I guess