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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Transgender Day of Rememberance

Because no one deserves to be attacked for who they are.

I just never understood this sort of hatred, and the desire to govern others' lives in areas beyond basic public safety. I don't understand this complusion to push people into molds, instead of accepting their true selves as they are revealed.

And I wonder, am *I* missing something, or is it that those folks are completely crackers?

Someone please explain....


  1. We are ALL guilty of thoughtlessness, but then exempt ourselves from the guilt we think belongs exclusively to those who are intentionally cruel.

    Awareness is as much about self-awareness as any other.

  2. I've been plenty thoughtless, but I've never beat someone up for appearing in a non-cisgender fashion... where does that leap come from?

  3. I'm awed by your sincere introspection. It speaks well of your character.

  4. I thought is was called "navel-gazing"....