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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I finally organized my closets

I'm home sick today, so I decided to post photos of the closets I organized a few weeks ago.

Closets... as in two. For me. Yep!

My jacket/scarf/shoes/necklace closet first:

This closet is so cool- it's the staircase to the upper floor of this house, which is now sealed off because there is now a separate apartment upstairs. Not separate enough though... we could tell when she got a boyfriend before we saw the guy.

Behind the jackets:

Now for the big time: my bedroom closet:

I think it was once a china closet and I'm betting my bedroom was the dining room. There's a door to the kitchen, with glass french doors into the entry room. The closet is a walk-in, but only a couple steps.

So for a better look... the left:

The upper shelf filled with cute purses I don't carry much anymore, due to lifestyle changes:

I'm using this bar to rotate my tops, so I don't wear the same few every week. I read that tip online somewhere, and I've been employing it for several weeks with some success. I just put the clean stuff from the laundry on the "already worn" bar. It's nearly bare now because I'm restarting the cycle:

Yes, that is a window!

I can actually see the floor now! Yay me!


  1. I'm home sick/pooped too. Call me! I'm working from my couch but can get a chat in.

  2. Great job on the closets... they look very organized...hope you feel better soon.

  3. Thanks for showing us where the magic occurs!

  4. That staircase closet is fantastic, and two closets - wow! luxury! I hope we get more introductions to your purse collection looks very interesting.

  5. oh wish I could get so organised!! i keep opening my wardrobe and quickly closing it agian!!

  6. I figure I'll save the purse collection for another sick day....

  7. Isn't it great when you have a totally organized closet? I love that feeling, it gives me such a kick (but I am also a organization geek too)You did a great job but may I suggest clear shoe boxes for your shoes? It make is easier (well at least for me) to see what I want and select without tumbling all the rest down. I get mine from Home Depot for .99 each lids included.

    I also love that you blog from your phone, I somehow missed that little detail! What kind of Droid to you have? I am finally ready to leave the Blackberry world, the keyboard is just too tiny for these eyes to handle.

  8. I thought about see-through boxes, but my closet isn't lighted, so all I would see id black blobs. I can do that for free!

    I have the original Motorola Droid, with the slide-out keyboard. I'm not liking the move away from physical keyboards, I just can't type and read fast enough on a touchscreen.

    I've seen the Droid @, and the keyboard looks a bit better than mine- check it out!

  9. Holy moly, you're organized! Lovely closet with a home for all!

    Call Me Ishmael