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Friday, December 10, 2010

Two Christmas work parties, one stomach... what's a girl to do?

My office party and the local Women's Bar one were both today at the same time. The judge asked me why I wasn't at the Bar party!

Because I couldn't tear myself away from this cuteness:

One of the secretaries made them... how adorable (and delicious)!

I was going for subtle-yet-festive, but I wish the necklace sat more flush with the collar.

See what I mean? Its a smidge long, but the catch is weird so I haven't figured out how to shorten it a smidge. I tried safety-pinning it to my collar- Fail.

Speaking of fail...

I'm not sure whether it hangs shorter because I'm fatter, or if the waist on these pants is lower than the ones I used to wear with this top, back in the day... Hubby pointed this issue out to me, once again, when it was too late to change.

So I've kept my arms down and jacket on all day. *sigh*

Top: Ann Taylor via consignment shop
Jacket: VanHusen outlet
Pants: Lane Bryant
Earrings: Lia Sophia
Necklace: JC Penney


  1. Mmmm...chocolate mice!

    That jacket is awesome on you! What a great cut.

  2. Those mice are cute!

    How long ago did you used to wear the green top? Because shirts used to be shorter in the olden days (ie, 3 or so years ago). I had a bunch of stuff in storage once and was so excited to pull it all out because it was like having a whole new wardrobe until I discovered that all the shirts/tops were much shorter than the length to which I had become accustomed.

    It's a lovely top though and looks great on you - maybe you could layer it under a shift/sheath style dress?

  3. it is pretty old, but I'm not chucking it... maybe I'll try to find a wrap top to go over it....

  4. Beautifully festive! Would you be able to twist the necklace a littlt to shorten it? It still looks great- love the colour on you.

  5. I tried that... this is as twisted as it gets! Rrrr....

    Will need to mull that ovefr fir awhile....

  6. Love the red and celery, love the necklace. I like it!

    I can't believe you still have that thing in your bellybutton. Isn't there a law you're going to have to turn it over on your 40th birthday?

  7. If the top wasn't too short, we'd have never learned about your navel-piercing. Wow! Never would have expected that from you. I guess you never really know someone until they start taking their clothes off or shrink 'em in the dryer. :)

  8. Nope, I'm in New York... home of that nutbag Betsy Johnson! If her ancientness can dress like a babydoll on crack, I can keep the piercing!

    As much as the piercing hurt to get done, then got a nasty infection-- I'm only taking it out for childbirth and/or a tummy tuck!

  9. Red is definitely your colour! You look fabulous in that jacket. And thefood issue this time of year us relentless. Allow me to share my patented all you want at parties secret: I have a theory that if you break a cake or sweetie before you eat it, all the calories leak out in to the atmosphere and make it virtually fat free. That's how I cope at this time of year - break everything, then eat the lot!

  10. Shirts are definitely made much longer in the past 3-4 years. It doesn't mean it can't be worn, just that you're probably used to a different length. Try pairing it with an undershirt or camisole. Wear it tucked in if you don't want it shown but you can also leave it untucked if you want a longer feel. Shorter shorts tend to cut you off and give a boxier look. You can generally find cute camisoles at old navy for $5-$10. They're worth investing in a few, I wear them every single day. It gives you a little coverage with a low-cut shirt and it's surprising how much extra warmth that one layer will add in the winter.