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Monday, January 24, 2011

Chocolate cherry

Mmmm... I want candy... but I'm going to settle for wearing it:

It was 15F this morning, so I wore the red jacket rather than the beige because it's warmer.

The jacket does cover the french cuff 3/4 sleeves, my favorite thing about these shirts (I have 3):

Its really hard not to comfort overeat in this cold... I want a box of chocolate covered cherries! But I'm trying to see if I can get these pants to actually fall off.

Dangit! I thought I already had a closeup of the necklace in my photobucket, so I didn't take one today. Next time, I suppose....

Shirt: VanHusen outlet
Jacket: VanHusen outlet
Pants: Lane Bryant
Jewelry: JC Penney


  1. Yeah.... the french cuffs are awesome. The necklace looks really good under that shirt. Great self-control...those pants are looking pretty loose!

  2. It's a really flattering outift - the red jacket looks so good. You have the loveliest colouring. I reckon those pants haven't got long before they're at half mast - congratulations! Also - your nails look lovely... what colour are they?

  3. I love calling that look CHOCOLATE CHERRY! Red is for sure one of your best colors!! Keep up the good work on getting rid of the pants...i have got to join you there!!

  4. Love the chocolate cherry analogy! I think these colors are very flattering on you. I think I remember what the necklace looks like, but in any case, it's a nice one!

  5. Ha, I am a big fan of French cuffs myself. And now you've got me thinking of cherry cordials.

  6. Baxter- it's "Bella's Vampire" by Gelish. UV gel polish lasts about 2 weeks. Love!