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Sunday, February 20, 2011


Hubby had a Friday trial that bled over into Saturday. Because western NY is weird, they actually hold some courts in the evening, and will do trials on Saturday. I've had one too- I HATE Saturday trials!

But at least Hubby's client was deservedly acquitted on all counts!

A relieved Hubby in his awesome windowpane jacket (my fave!):

Jacket: Jos. A. Bank
Watch: Seiko solar-powered watch gift from his dad
Shirt: VanHusen outlet
Tie: VanHusen outlet
Pants: Ralph Lauren

He was greeted by me and the kitties:

Fashion Bug pajama kitties are the only kitties in this household! I'm allergic, and Hubby is traumatized from his first marriage to a crazy cat lady.

My days are still pretty dull, but at least it's frustrating! I just remind myself this will only last a few months *crossing fingers, knocking on wood, casting spells... whatever it takes*, then I get my feet back. I've already decided to buy a really good pair of hiking shoes. Really good. Likely stupid-expensive.

I've moved on to reading "The White Queen", also by Philippa Gregory. A fictionalized account of Elizabeth Woodville... the pre-Tudor Queen of England, and maternal grandmother of Henry VIII. She was apparently widely believed to be a witch.

"Clean House" keeps showing the same episodes, so I'm not getting my voyeuristic fun in. "Hoarders" isn't fun, just tragic.


  1. Boy did Phillipa Gregory hit the jackpot with that Tudors series that made the era "sexy"! I never could keep track of all the drama and intrigue. Washed out after 2 episodes.

    Want something to do? I need to plan a surprise for hubby.........

    Jay looks dapper and pretty damn satisfied with himself. He should be! All hail the victor!

  2. Did I read that correctly--it will take you months to heal? I hadn't realized it was so serious. I may have to send you a good book.

  3. Looks like I have to be completely off my foot for about a month, then go back to work while healing up a couple months more... then repeat this whole process with the OTHER foot. Ugh.

  4. When I had bunion surgery, it was frustrating but I am so glad I did it!! Don't worry this time will pass!!

  5. Congrats to hubby. Sorry about the recovery period, but you'll be glad to have two good feet in the future. Mobility is essential to an active life.

  6. I freaking LOVE all of Phillipa Gregory books! Her historical novels are filled with delicious details and they really make the characters come to life.