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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Makeover, Part 1

Since it's been a bit difficult for me to get things around, some things have had to slide. So I've been taking inspiration from Frida Kahlo:

and seeing what happens when I stop waxing for a month. When I see myself in the mirror, my upper lip now has a GRAY cast. I don't think it shows in this photo:

Not a good look for me... I'm not 1/10 as cool as Frida. So I better get Hubby to set out my kit, because I'm not awesome enough to pull off this look.

It is odd how we, as women, often can't let allow ourselves out of the house in a natural state. People don't see me unwaxed, unplucked, unshaved, barefaced. Is the problem with my own lack of confidence, or that I'm part and parcel with the beauty industry machine?

I'll ponder that more another day... maybe. Now, I'm more concerned with "what's on the inside":


Meets AFTER:

What, you thought I meant my soul? I'm more concerned with my "sole" at the moment. (That danged defective "Dad pun-gene" rearing it's ugly head again!)


  1. It's not appropriate for me to comment on your remarks. I do feel, however, that all of us -- men, women and those inbetween -- have the right to go out in public any way we want.

    My first girlfriend never shaves her legs, armpits or upper lip; she objects to the custom on political grounds. (She is a radical feminist.) Some women judge and criticize her but she doesn't care. Men don't mind 'cause her hair is light blonde and she is otherwise hot. So I wonder whose opinions matter. She is, like Frida, a painter and lives by her own rules.

    I encourage you to make grooming decisions on your own and not internalize the views of others.

  2. You have gorgeous lips... what were you asking??
    Oh yeah....this has nothing to do with want to look a certain way and because of genes you have to wax, shave or pluck bits of you-no biggie. Men do it too-think of all the uni-brows if they didn't.
    Was that a heel spur? that looks like it would have hurt!

  3. It always seems like there's certain things that we need to do or look like to be accepted in society, or to not have snarky remarks said, which I don't think is fair. I wish that one could just "be" without the pressures of society. But I can't even notice any greyness, I'm sure your upper lip is gorgeous :)

  4. Are you done healing yet? I'm bored!!! We need outfits! I know you've been up and around, you told me you went shopping. Post, dammit! Hahaha!