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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wow, I'm bored...

... but at least Hubby is looking good:

I keep forgetting to get a texture photo of this jacket... it's felted, which is handy because it will go with separate pants.

Looks like I caught him mid-movement.

Shirt: VanHusen outlet
Tie: George (gift)
Jacket: Jos. A. Bank
Pants: Ralph Lauren

My medical-leave blogging plans have gone largely unfulfilled, because Hubby has to take our only operational laptop to work with him. Blah.

Let's see... I finally left the house yesterday. To get my stitches out. Whee. I'm not allowed to wash it or try putting any weight on unil the weekend, so I'm looking forward to at least another week of bedbound boredom.

I wonder if my brain is shrinking along with my muscles?


  1. The medical-leave is turning your blog into one on MEN'S fashion. Not that there's anything wrong with that... :)

  2. I kind of enjoy the man candy! :D

    And yes, your brain is shrinking. Otherwise you wouldn't have called my new hat a penis hat!!! Meanie.

  3. Nice suit on the hubby today! Like the tie! What do you mean one working laptop? For shame! :) A girl deserves a working laptop all for herself!

  4. Great suit and I love the tie. I think a laptop would be a great get well gift... *hint hint hubby*

  5. You have to have the bestest husband in the world! There is no way this would be going on at my house, lol. He has been looking dapper in his suits, You got a cutie and nice guy rolled into one. Hope your on the mend :-)