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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saturday night shout-out and story

Hubby is going out with a friend...

...while I stay home with Stinky. After we pigged out on sweeties, and as I was looking through the channel guide, Stinky says "you passed 'How Do I Look'!". He actually likes to watch it with me... he is certainly going to grow up to be a well-rounded man with great taste!

Just like his Daddy! Of course, I'm always present when Hubby shops for clothes....

Shirt: Van Husen outlet
Jeans: Levis

Guess I should fold up that clean laundry on the floor....

I have to say, Stinky has been very helpful while I've been laid up... such a great kid. Being a stepmom was definitely not part of "the Plan", but I got a pretty great kid as a "bonus" to my darling Hubby.


When Hubby got home, he had a bit of an odd story. His buddy was outside smoking, then when Hubby went out to join him, there was some buzzing and giggling by a few women nearby. Apparently some squealing was involved- they had been talking about how hot MY Hubby is in front of his buddy.

Hubby gave his friend a hug (yeah... he's that guy) and went back inside. His buddy told him later that the girls apologized to him for ogling Hubby-- they hadn't realized they were 'together"!

Which makes me wonder... when Hubby and I got together, his wardrobe was deplorable and his haircut wasn't the most flattering. I *thought* his ex wasn't looking after him properly by letting him wear ill-fitting clothing in unflattering cuts and colors.

Now I'm wondering if she was, in fact, smarter than me....


  1. This is a first. I've frequently heard fashion-bloggers say that their blogging causes them to think more about clothes and dress better -- but you take that even further: your blogging and interest in fashion has made your entire FAMILY dress better!

    Fascinating, and not entirely unpredictable. Families tend to think about the same things any one of them cares about. This is noteworthy in your case because it even crosses the gender-divide.

  2. That was some quick thinking on your hubby's part! Do you dress the young man too?

  3. Ah, look at hubby in his sporty ensemble! Lookin' good, hubby! I had to smile at the account of your husband's night but I have to say that if the ex was dressing him poorly, that was her malfunction. You're on the right track dressing him smartly. After all, he's a reflection of you when you go out in public! :)