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Friday, February 25, 2011

The soul of the DJ

Reading this page is like someone opened a window into my heart...


  1. I love vinyl and still have my old record collection. I'd like to get a turntable and play them again. Despite having to change the record every 20 minutes, there is something magical about analog recordings. I'm glad to see others hanging on to this old technology.

  2. I do miss vinyl. Even working with CDs was good, because it was ultimitely cheaper, but still allowed the element of mix control, timing, spontineity, and artistry.

    I used to look at photos of the Pioneer CD turntable deck like guys look at porn! I couldn't afford it at that time... but if I were getting cack into the business it would be my first purchase!

    A few times, I worked with Mini-Discs and with Mac computers... it was AWFUL! I had no control over the finer points... and anybody who says a computer can beatmix like a human DJ has been taking too many drugs!