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Monday, April 11, 2011

This outfit is better than it looks!

Another "Oompa Loompa" shot:

I figured my new necklace would go with the top and jacket!

Setting aside the bad photo angle, I have definitely regained the 15 lbs I lost... these pants are on the snuggish side. But they are my only clean ones- Hubby is in trial, and I'm afraid to try the basement steps... they are precarious on a good day. But the basement holds the all-important washer and dryer. I think I love them only slightly less than my tv and my smartphone.

I'm not pasting in more detailed photos or linking relevant posts today... gotta help with trial prep. Jury selection was today, and Hubby will probably do his opening tomorrow. And I couldn't catch anyone for Friday or the weekend photos... you didn't miss much, really.

So I will sign off for now, and repost better pics of this outfit another day.

Top: via Goodwill
Jacket: via Dunkleberger's in Stroudsburg, PA
Pants: ugh... "I have personality"
Shoes: Bass. I actually properly polished them, so they look better, but still like duckbills
Earrings: Farmer's market
Necklace: Fashion Bug

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  1. Despite all of your apologies, I want you to know you look incredible in this color...wear it more often!!