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FYI: I was doing this entire blog from my Android phone, snatching moments out of my busy life for quick photos. But I hate auto-correct with a purple passion, so now I'm using the computer for most of the work. I am still using my phone for the photos, though. My photo sizes may be erratic, and the quality isn't stellar. I am not a professional blogger, and do not have time for lots of scenic poses with a great camera. I don't even own a great camera! However, I DO appreciate your continued feedback, even in the absence of photographic artistry.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tidal Tuesday

My dreams seem to have moved from spring to summer:

"But she's wearing a sweater and warm jacket" one might say. True, but I'm obviously dreaming of waves of beautiful blue waters:

Of course, my lunar globe earrings to affect the tides:

And my hair flower for the full bloom of summer at the shore:

OK, it's kind of hard to see in that pic- but it's there!

I really need some beach/kayak time, because it's only Tuesday, and I already feel like this:

Sweater: Freeda's castoff AB Studio
Jacket: VanHusen outlet
Pants: keep me from getting arrested, frightening small children, etc. That's the best that can be said for them, really
Hair Flower: Maurice's
Earrings: Corning Museum of Glass
Necklace: Fashion Bug


  1. I like the two shades of blue. Nice!

  2. Gorgeous necklace in just the right shade of blue! Perfect for spring!

  3. I love that necklace too.... turquoise never goes out of style. You can dress it up or go casual. Love it!