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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Date night

The traditional "dinner and a movie" kind. One thing I dislike about summer is the overuse of A/C ... I was a bit chilly in the restaurant for dinner in my summer top, which was perfectly comfortable outdoors:

But at least the top covered my bloated belly from a big meal! As I was waddling into the movie theater for "Captain America", I decided I didn't want to freeze throught the show.

Didn't help a whole lot. But the movie was great! Of course, the only reason I had the jacket with me was because I was too lazy to take it out of the car... goooo lazy!

I feel naked without earrings now, so I grabbed my big danglys. I didn't like the matching necklace with the top, but I felt the need for a little something added... so used it as a bracelet again:

Top: Lane Bryant
Jacket: Kasper via consignment shop
Horrible jeans: Lane Bryant
Jewelry: farmer's market


  1. Lovely color on you, LD! I enjoyed Captain America, and was a little cold in the theater too. This would make a great Visible Monday look - if you'd like to participate in our group posting, come on over after 7:00PM today to my site:

  2. I couldn't agree more about the AC. At work they always blast it so I have to dress like I'm in the artic. Total waste of energy, it doesn't need to be that cold!

    I love the colour of this top on you, it's so pretty. Also loving the neckline as well it suits you so well :)

  3. What is it with AC, colder inside than outside.
    Hey who cares if you were being lazy, you look great

  4. What a fabulous top! I always try to carry a lightweight cardigan around with me, even here in the South. People side-eye me but when I walk into a super A/C'd building, I don't have to freeze. I think the white goes great with the bright blue.

  5. That top is SO adorable! I even love the jacket on top of it too. And I agree, all the inside places are too cold!!!

    p.s. that bracelet is really cute. Purple is a gorgeous jewelry color (:


  6. I love the addition of the white blazer! I get good mileage out of mine!

  7. I call it air conditioning abuse! I carry a blazer or cardigan everywhere in the summer because of it. You look very soft and pretty, perfect for date night.