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Friday, July 29, 2011

Is this month over yet? Because I'm over it!

Pretty much everyone I've talked/posted with agrees... July '11 pretty much sucked all around. Come on... AUGUST! *pleeeeze be better*

Today's outfit wasn't stellar... but to be fair I thought I was going to work in a Red Cross shelter after a full day of semi-effective "lawyering" (or whatever those crazy kids call it these days).

Things I noticed about this top AFTER I got to the office:

1. The fabric is more sheer than I care for. I saw the black pants through the white fabric in the mirror at work. I could also kinda see my bra through it.

2. My brastraps kept popping out from under the tank straps. Not a good look.

3. It was pulling a bit across the bust. *sigh*

What most of these issues come down to is that I tried it on in the store wearing a different bra. A lighter-colored "nude" than the one today, with differently-shaped cups. Makes all the difference between trash and treasure... the correct undergarments.

For some reason, Hubby made me turn around for a back shot. The good thing about this bra is that it's one of the "back smoothing" models:

Too bad there isn't a "bingo-wing smoother"!

So what induced me to purchase this underwhelming piece? I fell for the pretties:

And I thought they would look particularly nice with my Christmas pretties from Hubby:

Maybe it will look better in August....

Top: VanHusen outlet
Jacket: via Tallman's in Painted Post, NY
Pants: Lane Bryant
Hair flower: Maurice's
Earrings: Premier Designs gift from Hubby


  1. You looked nice. I really like the hair flower touch.

  2. I do like the top too, but I understand the sheer problem - the one you don't notice till you get home. Gorgeous earrings!

  3. I sent my billing out yesterday so, for me, July is done!

    Someday I hope you or your sis will do a post explaining something: why many women fear having their underwear be visible (or even have its outline be apparent) when, to men, that's insanely attractive. Is it propriety? Do some women not care or even intentionally create a VPL or VBL look? It's a subject ripe for analysis.