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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jungle Love... oh-wee-oh-wee-oh!

Technically, this isn't a zebra print. But it's "zebraesque" which is close enough for me:

But aren't zebras savannah animals? I'm pretty weak on African zoology... but I finally have a way to wear my red faux-snakeskin belt which hasn't fit around my expanded waist in years:

I wanted to wear this pretty red-and-silver necklace I got for Giftmas, but it's a bit long. It wasn't visible! So I wrappped it around my '80's-style bead-rope necklace:

I haven't decided if it works on me... maybe I'll shorten the necklace and make earrings out of the extra beads.

Top: Fred David Woman via Stein Mart
Pants: Lane Bryant

Weird! I had a sneezing fit, dropped the phone... and it posted before I was done with the source list!

Earrings: Marshall Field's
Rope Necklace: JC Penney
Thin necklace: gift from Baby Sis, I think
Belt: Banana Republic

Morris Day and the Time!


  1. Zebra-esque = word of the day. I love your crafted necklace. And I think your photos are very good. Gesundheit!

  2. I love prints like this. They're so exciting.

    The necklace is nice; I have a similar one in blue. It reminds me of the necklaces that pro baseball players wear.