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Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 1 with my "adjusted" cut

I went back to the salon after work yesterday to get the cut tweaked a bit... it was a bit too "curly bob" for my taste. I'm LOVING it today:

LOL the lighting in Hubby's office makes me look like a corpse! But my hair looks good! Hubby doesn't hate it since the "adjustment", which is great because I can have the low-maintainance look and please Hubby. Win-win!

Now it's "vaguely rocking"... anyone remember where that line came from?

The curls are freeeeee:

It's going to take getting used to... but I'm starting to like it. I bid my formal goodbye to my hair as I mailed it away today:

So for the "fashion question" today... should I get rid of the band at the bottom of this top?

I picked these earrings because of the vaguely Indian designs in the top could go well. But I forgot about the silver buttons on the blouse, and the mismatch is bugging me:

Top: Freeda's castoff Jacklyn Smith
Pants: the "I give up" stretchy pants because everything else is dirty
Earrings: Fashion Bug


  1. You look so good with your new haircut. It is amazing what a different haircut can to do change your look.
    Now as to the band--I am not sure if the top would be too short if you removed it. I vote keep it.
    I just LOVE your haircut!

  2. Your new cut is gorgeous -- it's very fresh and modern looking, and flattering for your face.

  3. Cute top! Your hair looks great too!! I don't think anyone noticed the gold/silver mismatch (I certainly wouldn't have:)

  4. I ADORE your new cut, 'Doll! You look amazing!

  5. Your hair looks fabulous! And as for the top, I say tuck.

  6. You look freakin' amazing! I absolutely love, LOVE, your hair like this! And donating your hair is a beautiful gesture! I love the fact that you're reinventing your look. Change is always good, especially when it turns out like this hair transformation! Once again, your hair rocks, lady! Two thumbs up! :)

  7. I've reported before that I like your new 'do and I want to repeat that because every time I see it again (you popped up on my Facebook news items), I'm impressed. You look transformed. I wish there was anything I could do that would so improve my appearance.

  8. Your hair looks absolutely *fabulous* like this. You look so fresh and it just works great! And I love the earrings!

  9. I absolutely love your new haircut. You look 10 years younger! Sooo cute!
    I'm not sure what you mean by the band at the bottom of the shirt but I like it the way you're wearing it here (as opposed to tucked in).