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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The fashionista's tonsure

There are photos in this post... just bear with my self-indulgent ruminations for a moment, please!

Awhile back, I saw Chris Rock's documentary "Good Hair" , about various aspects of the "Black hair" industry. It was fascinating for many reasons, but the segment about the use of hair shaven from Hindu pilgrims at temples in India is then transported to the U.S. and sold for use as extensions... largely in salons catering to African-American clientele... really captured my attention. Particularly when rapper/actress Eve was expressing her happiness that the hair in her weave had been "prayed over".

I knew about the tonsure of Christian monks on the crown of the head, the traditional cropping of Christian nuns' hair, the shaved heads of Buddhist monks and nuns, and even that some men shave their heads for the Hadj... but not about this Hindu rite that has become so profitable for so many.

The common thread (as I read the Wikipedia entry linked) is sacrifice or transition to another stage. As I've pointed out in this blog before, my hair made a rather sudden transition from bone-straight to curly a little over a year ago. I haven't had a haircut in almost a year, because I was having the two foot surgeries, and figured I would wait until I was past those challenges. Much easier to just put it up.

So I'm post-surgeries, my hair texture changed dramatically, and I recently turned 40. A 3-for-1 special on transitions, I suppose. So for my "Fashionista's Tonsure"... a sacrifice! I'd heard of hair donation, of course, but the idea began to really grow on me (ugh- totally unintentional pun!) as I realized how long my hair had grown to, and how I hated the weird ripples on the back of my head when I'm supposed to have long straight layers.

I'd also been feeling that I really wanted to donate my hair once, and I love the thought of someone else getting some use out of it. The donation seemed a great way to mark the start of my '40s (slightly belated), along with my other transitions lately. So I've given up on that concept of long layers for the time being, and I've gone in a radically different direction. First, the cut the day after the blowout:

Note the layers in back:

Then see what it did when I let it go all curly:

Hubby and Stinky are a bit weirded out by the curls.

I went back to the salon for a few "adjustments" to the haircut, because the curls turned the "layered cut" into a "bob". I'll post the adjusted 'do tomorrow....

Note: There is some controversy over "Locks of Love" because some of the shorter hair is sold to offset costs, and the wigs aren't necessarily "free" to the recipient. They are sold at a deep discount, I believe on a sliding scale. And my hair best fit the needs of this organization rather than some of the others (they accept colored but not bleached hair). Since I gave a 12" tail, I'm pretty certain at least some of it will benefit the intended type of recipient.


  1. Oh My God! It's gorgeous! I think it totally updates your whole look.

    I think to run any kind of business it needs some money to run. I have donated to locks of love in the past. I think it's better than the hair just being thrown away.

  2. Oh my gosh! You look marvelous!

    I agree with Megan -- this really updates your look. You look more modern, more youthful.

    It was generous and kind of you to donate your hair. And I loved that movie. I even blogged about it a year ago!

  3. I LOVE your new is youthful, trendy, stylish and you! I think you are going to be so happy that you did this!! I applaud your courage and glad you did this post so others will have courage! It is fabulous!

  4. Gorgeous! Wow, you've been so lovely all along of course, and this takes you to such a new modern level. Wonderfully generous of you to donate too.

  5. I love the curly look, but the straight is great also. I think it makes you look even younger. I also love that you donated the hair.

  6. I too love the wavy look - gorgeous.

    I'm 41 and lately feel the need to go shorter myself -- though if I had your hair, I'd probably keep it long for a few more years.

    But yours really looks lovely shorter and it's great that you acheived one of your goals of donating to "Locks of Love." <3

  7. FABULOUS! they did a great job on the cut, and i actually LOVE the curls in there!! i've had short hair most of my life...i always get the it's to chop it off again when i see cute cuts! short hair is so stylish!


  8. I wonder if the hair changing is a hormonal change? Perimenopause? Mom started all that in her early 40's.

    I hope my hair gets curlier. Mine's just "wavy" with encouragement... more like dad's.