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Sunday, August 28, 2011

I'm a copycat

Got up way too early for a Saturday because some of the Junior League members were volunteering at a charity race. We were there to pass out water. So I broke out the JL tee for the event:

I hate regular T-shirts. I hate all the extra fabric floating around my waist, when the fit around the bust and hips is much closer. So I took inspiration from oomph's post with a little trick:

Yep, I used a regular old rubber band to bring the waist in. I love this concept, I just need to work on the execution.

Guess who I saw running? One of the local judges... the woman who always looks so put-together and professional. And tiny. Itty-bitty. And me wearing too-tight cheap yoga pants clinging to every extra cookie lodged onto my thighs. Shoot me.

Top: Junior League
Pants: Old Navy
Earings: Premier Designs
Crocs again


  1. That's a nice trick. I'm stealing it!

  2. Good tip! And you just never know when you're going to um, run into the judge!

    Come by for Visible Monday if you can,


  3. that is a great tip. If I ever have a waist again, I will certainly use it!

  4. FABULOUS! you have it perfectly placed at the waist! so glad you found this useful!!