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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Retrying mixed patterns

Squeaky is trying her hand at a fashion blog... she has so much great stuff it's a crime not to post! The first post is up, so stop by from time to time!

I'm retrying an outfit I wasn't sure about because I'm wondering whether the change in hairstyle will affect whether the outfit "works". Today:

Here's a flashback to my first attempt:

Does the haircut make a difference, or is this outfit deranged?

Squeaky and I went to a jewelry making workshop at the library... it was very, very basic. But I did pick up a cute bracelet that perfectly matched today's outfit:

I'll save the one I made for another day... Squeaky's was prettier anyway.

I'm also wondering if the change in hairstyle means I need bigger earrings. I feel like these got a bit lost at times:

OK, my Photobucket is getting tempramental, so I can't post those now :(

Top: via TJ Maxx
Jacket: Amanda Smith via consignment shop
Pants: Lane Bryant
Earrings: JC Penney
Bracelet: fundraiser for the American Cancer Society


  1. Yes the haircut gives the whole look a cooler, trendier, edgy feel to it. I love your hair and think that it is going to add tons to your complete style!

  2. It's true that the hair-change affects everything else, including clothes and jewelry. Consider that an opportunity to view things in a new light and be creative again.

  3. doh! its private can't see it!

  4. I love that jacket! Your haircut is super cute! Kiah

  5. I think it helps, but I think a good hair cut can make the difference in how a whole outfit is - just like shoes can make or break it. I liked the pattern mix the first time, and I like it now. I lovelovelove your hair.

  6. it's funny...a haircut DOES affect your wardrobe! with short hair i could wear more collared, high neck things, plus accessorize more with earrings and choker-type necklaces to fill the "space".

    have fun experimenting with this transition!


  7. The haircut makes the outfit more sassy, definitely! The outfit does work.