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Monday, August 15, 2011

Unlazy weekend

I actually wore real clothes each day! No pajama days this weekend... busy, busy!

Friday date night was karaoke, which I've really missed doing:

I really wanted to break out my new trouser jeans I bought on clearance for $15 pre-surgery. I love them, but I need to get the waist taken in a bit... so I wore the long shirt to disguise the gaping waistline. But who could resist this fabric:

Stinky dressed up for his cute teenage blonde babysitter- he's so handsome- just like his daddy!:

Before we got all dressed up Friday evening, Stinky and I installed the roof racks and loaded up the kayaks in hopes of Saturday fun:

So Saturday's outfit was with lake fun in mind:

Hubby thought 30% chance of rain was too much... rrrr.... and Sunday was much worse so no kayaking this weekend! Remind me to disregard his opinion on this subject in the future... a reliable source tells me it barely rained at the lake on Saturday!

So we went to the museum instead, and I tossed this necklace on for a little flair:

Which left traces on my shirt:

Here's a little preview to temp you art-lovers to mosey on over here for a blogger meetup (especially you, Shybiker!):

Yeah... that's Chihuly!

Sunday night was dinner out with Hubby. Since I knew the restaurant is freezing (but delicious) I used the excuse to break out my long-sleeved blue beauties:

This top is fitting more smoothly... last time I wore it there was a little bulge at the waist!


  1. Stinky is precious! And the top blouse looks fabulous on you!!

  2. You look cute. Glad you're back to normal.

    By the way, what do I have to do to get myself a "cute teenage blonde babysitter?"

  3. That blue shirt is lovely. I love the pendant you're wearing with it too.

  4. The black/white blouse and the blue one are both so pretty on you! Thanks for participating in Visible Monday.


  5. Lady, what a turnout! That blue top in the last shot is smashing! The color is just so flattering on you! I love the print top for karaoke night as well! I love floral prints and this one is just sassy!

  6. you look great for date night! very pretty shirt. so what is YOUR song?!


  7. What a lovely shade of blue on you! You look good in all blues though.

  8. You look so pretty!