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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Borrowed finery

While at my friend's house one day, we decided to play in her jewelry box for a bit. She's Indian, and has all sorts of really splashy goodies I'm too chicken to buy for myself. So I borrowed a few goodies to play around with. Monday I came up with this outfit:

To go with this insane necklace:

I got several compliments on the necklace, and felt compelled toward honesty... it's not mine. I could not imagine myself buying something like this before... but now I will keep an open mind. It's part of my style evolution, I suppose. As in... perhaps I will develop some! ;p

RE: the self-portrait... I was super-busy all day, and Hubby had play rehearsal in the evening. So I had to get my blog shot in the ladies' room at the pub. Best I could do.

Edited to add: Whoopsie! Forgot to post my shoes... I've been wearing Crocs all summer, so I got out of the habit:

Top: VanHeusen outlet
Jacket: VanHeusen outlet
Pants (not shown- navy): Lane Bryant
Shoes: Ariat
Necklace: borrowed
Earrings: none... I didn't have anything that goes with this necklace


  1. Wow, that is an insanely beautiful necklace. I have a love for all things sparkly. The necklace goes beautifully with your outfit.

  2. You know, I thought of Debbi (above) as soon as I saw this gorgeous necklace! It looks fantastic on you LD. Also, I must compliment your photography skills - that's a great pic, restroom or no : >

  3. I had a friend whose parents were from India, and we loved to play in her mom's jewelry box. She never knew. And if she did, she was okay with it. Indian jewelry is absolutely gorgeous.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. Wow that necklace is gorgeous. I think you should definitely be open minded. I'm not a jewelry wearer, but sometimes statement jewelry is the perfect thing when you want a simple outfit.

  5. Wow. I would have quickly guessed you don't own that necklace -- it's way bolder than anything I've ever seen you wear. That said, I think you can grow into such extreme fashion: just give it a whirl, put on a big smile, and exude confidence! Taking your friend's jewelry for a test-drive is a good first step in this direction.

  6. That necklace has so many colors! It's mesmerizing. I think it jazzes up your work outfit a lot. You should invest in sparkling, colorful, memorable jewelry--I think it's one of the few personality-showing style things professional women can do. (I have many bright necklaces and shiny earrings for this reason, although I do wear a lot of floral skirts, since I work in academia and not the corporate world.)

  7. Your hair looks really pretty with the waves. It's always fun to take fashion risks, even better that you can borrow something and try it out. I like the necklace with
    Your outfit, not only do the colours work together well but the collar of your blouse tones it down. Thumbs up :)

  8. Pretty! I'm really loving the color of your nails.

  9. I think borrowing is a great way to try out something that is beyond your normal comfort zone!