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Friday, September 2, 2011

Trying your suggestions

I got a suggestion from a fellow blogger to tuck in this top:

Once I tucked it in this morning, I really felt the need for a belt. Thre is the only one I thought might work:

I'm not sure how I feel about this look... it seems to over-emphasize my too-round hips. And the pant fabric showing through the giant circle kinda bugs me. Hubby says the belt doesn't match.

Just for giggles, I tried the belt over the top:

Yeah, this looks stupid. So tuck, or wear untucked like last Friday? With or without the band at the bottom?

Top: Freeda's castoff Jacklyn Smith
Pants: Lane Bryant
Earrings: Premier Designs gift from Hubby


  1. I know how much people struggle with their self-perception so I'm going to touch lightly here. I believe the top looks much better tucked in; it's more flattering to your shape. The belt you chose isn't good for the job; another one (thinner and without a loop) would be better.

    I didn't know you take suggestions from readers... my minding is whirling with possibilities!

  2. My vote is untucked just because it looks more casual. However, like Ralph said, the tucked-in version is flattering. So ... I like both!!!!
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  3. I like both for different reasons, the tuck in as suggested flatters your shape, and out has a casual look

  4. I vote for tucked and belted, it's very shape-flattering IMHO. Perhaps a different belt, as Shybiker suggested? I am loving that new hair every time I see it!

  5. Love the blouse, it has wonderful print!

  6. I think the wide belt adds just one too many horizontal lines to the outfit. I think a smaller belt worn tighter would be good. I know I feel funny with shirts tucked in. If you feel comfortable with it tucked, then definitely wear it that way.
    You might try wearing a sash belt with it that would have "tails" hanging down to take the eye down instead of across. I hope this helps. You look really nice either way and as Patti said, Love the hair more each day.

  7. I definitely vote for the second one! It makes your waste look a lot smaller and the belt is very fashionable and should be shown!! Cute :)) xo

  8. I like it tucked in better tbh. But it's purely personal aesthetic because I am not a huge fan of bands on shirts. I feel like it tends to cut the eye off an an unnatural point of the body (away from the natural curve of the waist). I do love the print of the shirt though, some of my favorite colors (bright green, blue and white!)

  9. What a lovely blouse! My instant reaction was that I like the top tucked in with the belt. But untucked looks equally nice.

    The tucked in look seems to highlight the pretty sleeves, as well as your hip-waist ratio(curves!).

    If it were me, I would go with what's more comfortable.

    BTW, Lovin' the hair!

  10. Love the top! This is a great work outfit. I like it better out and belted rather than tucked. Suggestion on how to use it in another outfit? I would love to see it out and belted with a fitted skinny patent leather belt, black pencil skirt, black sheer stockings and heels! You are so pretty. Kiah