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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What's black, white, and pink all over?

Me, apparently:

Which shoes to perk up the black-and-white? The red ones are still at the repair shop, my red patent ones are in the basement (note to self- bring up more shoes), my new Bass ones wouldn't go. Pink it is:

I thought black earrings again would be boring, so I opted to match the shoes:

Top: via JC Penney
Belt: from a pair of Lane Bryant pants that no longer fit
Earrings: farmer's market
Pants: Lane Bryant
Shoes: Freeda's castoff American Eagle


  1. I love this look, and the shoes finishes off the outfit perfectly

  2. I love your use of pink instead of red. I will have to try that! Cute outfit.

  3. I love the pink with the bold stripes! It's very lovely, especially with the belt.

  4. Love the belt cinched at the waist! Totally shows off your figure!

  5. Love this outfit! This is one of my favorites thus far. The belt really accentuates your tiny waist! The pop of pink is fabulous! Thank you for your sweet comments! Kiah

  6. Those pants look great on you! Thanks for linking up!

  7. Great pop of pink, love it with the stripes.

  8. Pink is such a great pop of color with black and white. It's one of my favorites to pull in!

  9. This top is a winner, which isn't always the case with stripes! It looks really flattering on and very stylish. The belt is the perfect touch, it ties everything together.

    I used to have similar pair of shoes except they had a ridiculously high stiletto heel. I loved the colour but not the pain from wearing them so they had to go :( yours are much better!!

  10. The pink makes it all happen! Thanks for participating in Visible Monday : >