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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fun, fun, fun busy weekend!

Hubby's friends came into town on Friday night to see the play, then we all went out with some of Hubby's castmates. Saturday, Hubby and I went to the museum with his friends, then we all went for a late lunch before they headed home. Next, I went for an encore of Hubbys's play along with our old intern, and we went out with some of the castmates after for dinner and drinks. My look for the day:

I had to throw in a shot of Hubby and Squeaky's hubby:

They are in "Moon Over Buffalo", and the opening scene is from "Cyrano". They were hilarious!

After rollerskating all Sunday afternoon at a Junior League family outing... I'm happy and SORE! (I forgot to get a pic taken of Stinky and I in skates with my phone, so I have to wait for the pic to be emailed to me):

Jewelry closeup:

Comfy shoes, of course:

Sweater: via Kohl's
Tee: VanHuesen outlet
Jeans. Lane Bryant
Jewelry: farmer's market
Shoes: Ariat via Sole Solutions in Spokane, WA


  1. I love your sweater! Please don't take this the wrong way but you have awesome ta tas! lol Kiah

  2. Why do I feel I've told you that before. Okay so now this is weird! LOL

  3. You're too cute, Kiah! I won't take it "weird"... promise!

  4. That sweater is so chic! Also, I like your necklace. Rollerskating sounds fun...I was too scared to do it the last time I was at the rink, so you're brave to me!

  5. Would that compliment sound weird coming from me, too? I've always admired your shape. It's classically feminine.

    And I agree about the sweater -- terrific.

  6. I love your sweater! It is simple, but the waves in your hair (which are gorgeous) make it a little more fancy.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. I love the sweater and the color of it. I am all for comfy shoes and those look comfy and stylish.

  8. What a busy weekend! You look well dressed for it all~
    Happy Thanksgiving!