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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Short but frantic workweek complete with wardrobe issues

The busy time continued... Monday, I went from work to a movie and dinner with some of the ladies from Hubby's play. I had a great time, but got home so late there was no time for a blog shot!

Stinky tried his hand at a blog shot on Tuesday:

Not bad for an almost-ten-year-old! I will have to have him tell me when my chin lies back and multiplies, though....

Clothing issues this time: with the shrunken-up sleeves on the turtleneck were solved easily by cuffing then into 3/4 length. But it did rise up a little in the back occasionally. The hanger makes the black sweater shoulders poof up a little... I just need to pick a different hanger. I solved the floodwater pants problem with really low shoes... but my feet smell vile after I've been wearing them. Suggestions?

I really love these earrings, but the right one kept catching on the turtleneck. So now my ear is sore, and I saw a little blood. But they still look awesome:

Turtleneck: VanHuesen outlet
Sweater/Jacket: Limited via consignment shop
Pants: Lane Bryant
Shoes: Nine West via garage sale


I really love the beaded detail, except it is on net, and the seam scratches my chest. Fortunately, I have a top underneath that reduces the scratching so that I can endure this beauty:

The undershirt kept hiking up my abdomen... very irritating. At sometime I really need to get camis and cut them to just under the bra to avoid the distraction and/or the extra bulk. It also rides up a little in the back:

These earrings always irritate my right ear a little. Weird? Probably not the best choice, considering that's the one that bled yesterday! But they go well with the top:


Top: via Stein Mart
Earrings: gift from Big Daddy's mother
Pants: Lane Bryant
Shoes: Trotters


  1. The sweater is so cute! The black sparkly earrings are elegant, too. Sparkly things are so nice for nighttime.

  2. Hmmm, I kind of love the idea of cutting off some of my camis. You look great in these tops with extra-interest, and you *always* have the most fab earrings. Happy thanksgiving!

  3. Nice post, I like it so much! And I like your sense of style!!

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  4. Wow, i love the earrings so much!