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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hiding from "Black Friday"

Hubby and I spent the entire weekend at his mom and stepdad's, gorging ourselves, then hiding out from the crazed bargain-hunters. So while we slobbed around the bulk of the weekend, we looked alright on Thanksgiving, anyway:

Isn't Hubby all cute and muscley in his cheapo "Superman" tee?

Have I mentioned that I'm grateful for friends who lend me their pretties? I broke out the necklace I borrowed from Squeaky awhile back (I know I have to give it back... I will...sometime…):

My mother-in-law decided to give me some of her jewelry, so I'll be posting more pretties soon.
Anyway, girding up to get back to work!

[EDITED TO ADD:] I find it funny that I picked a post for "Visible Monday" (see button at right) from a day when only family, and a few random people at gas stations, actually saw me. But wearing those brilliant jeweltones made me feel visible!

I was mildly impressed with myself… not one stone matches the top! Yet they all go.


  1. Great couple picture. You two fit together perfectly.

  2. I like the necklace/blue blouse combo! It's very festive. I, on the other hand, wore too-big pants so that my belly had room to expand for all the food!!

  3. You two do fit together perfectly, just like SB said. What a happy and handsome couple you make. I really like that necklace, I agree that it "goes" beautifully.

    Thanks for linking up with Visible Monday!

  4. What a great photo of the both of you! That necklace is indeed a pretty! I look forward to eying more of the "pretties" you were given! :)

  5. You do look smashing good in jewel tones. You do have nice friends to lend you jewelry. That is a beautiful necklace.
    Your hubby is very handsome and looks very happy.

  6. you both look great in royal blue. your hair is cute like that. do i see dimples? that is one seriously statement necklace! :)