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Thursday, September 13, 2012

First Day with the New Haircut

Hubby and Stinky both hate the bangs. Oh, well...

I overslept today (what else is new) so I just put in a little Bumble & Bumble Styling creme and left it wet, with a little scrunching:

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The top part is straight, bit the bottom is still curly, at least with encouragement. So I've got a "transitional" haircut while it settles into whatever it's going to be. It looks a little messy in the photos, but I had to get that pic taken quickly- no time for a redo.

My in-court look today:

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Nothing new, I've worn this outfit about a zillion times.

My usual jewelry combo with the top... necklace:

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The earrings, eve though they didn't really show from under my hair today:

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Same shoes and pants as this pic today, but I was out of clean brown trouser socks, so I had nude knee-highs instead. Ugh!

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Made it to ballet yesterday, I'm having some shoe issues. I think I've arrived at a solution.  AND made it to Zumba tonight, as well. 5/5 so far... yippee! 2 more days to go this week for my goal of physical activity every day. I've promised myself a much-needed pedicure if I follow through my inaugural week!

Top: VanHeusen outlet
Jacket: Talbot's petite
Pants: Lane Bryant
Jewelry: made by me
Shoes: Trotters via DeGaetano Shoes (now-closed) in Hornell, NY


  1. People in our lives rarely like change, so it's not surprising to hear your family's reaction to the new hairstyle. For a dissenting view, I love your bangs. I think bangs frame your face in an attractive way.

    Pretty shoes.

    No love for nude knee-highs? Awww... they're my favorite. I wear 'em just for the joy of wearing 'em.

  2. I agree with Shybiker.....I think your bangs look great. They really do frame your face. You look great and very youthful. Hubby's just not used to it...but he will get used to it. I think your hair looks nice both straight and curly.

    The shoes are pretty. I'm not a fan of nude knee-highs either. They make me feel...kind of matronly. My feet are too small to wear those little hidden foots...they still bunch up or show above my shoe. I seriously don't know how other people wear them and they are fine.

    Wow you are really seriously attacking the exercise. I better catch up. I walked yesterday and danced, and will be dancing again today...but still I have not done anything with the intensity of Zumba like you have.

  3. I am partial to bangs, so I really like yours.
    I took ballet when I was in my 20's. It was something I always wanted to do. It can really get you in good shape too! I'd love to take some barre classes, but my gym doesn't offer any. Good for you for your exercise program!

  4. i like the hair, & the go to court outfit! i hope you reward yourself with that pedicure. :)

  5. Would you believe that I've always yearned for bangs but have never been able to have them do to the curly mess that is my hair? I think your bangs look great on you! How can Hubby and Stinky not like them? Aw, what do they know! I love the curly look! :)